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If Your 'Shoulds' in Life Don't Come to Fruition, Remember These 3 Things.

Updated on September 22, 2017

Life is what you make of it.

It's true that life is what you make of it; good or bad. I had to tell one of my siblings this the other day. Most people start planning out their lives in high school, some a little sooner, some a little later. But isn't it funny how our plans go another way? It ain't that funny huh?

Really think about this for a moment. We are taught to set short and long term goals and to do whatever it takes to achieve these goals. A plan is created on how these goals are going to be accomplished, but nine times out of ten, the plan we set will go so differently. I'm not here to be a downer but plans rarely go as you plan them to. Ask God about it.
You are in control of your life so make the best of it with what you have. You have the power to make it worthwhile or worthless.
Life is a challenge: Be ready
If I knew that my God would take the plan I had for myself and crush it, I would have made a plan B! Challenges come into play in your life and that's understandable. You can't expect it to be peaches and cream. If goals or dreams are important to you, you will make it happen. Even if your plan didn't pin out like it should have, you can find another path, create another plan, or make some adjustments to your current one.
That leads me to my own twisted life. I personally am not okay with where I am in my life because I know I should be further along. I'm guilty because I did not do what I needed to do. I should be a Pharmacist already. I should have been married with some bad ass kids living comfortably. The question at this point is do I still want said things? Truthfully, yes plus a lot more and I will make it happen...because I want to. I refuse to be mediocre when I know that I can be exceptional!
Now if you don't know already, please know that I love me some Insecure! I think it's because I can relate to the show in more ways than one. That's actually where I got this topic from. In the last episode of Insecure, Molly went to see a therapist. The therapist noticed how Molly would constantly say life should be a certain way for her. When asked if her shoulds didn't come to fruition, would she be open to her life looking a different way, she was puzzled. She had no answer.
Molly is a beautiful, intelligent, successful, black woman and with all of that magic there are still parts of her life that aren't going the way she feels it should. She is now stuck with accepting things for the way they are or will be. Would you?
Change is always welcomed.
Time will always be one of the most important things in your life. You can never get it back once it's gone. If you're not satisfied or happy with your life, your situation, change it! It's never too late. If shit ain't like it should be, according to your standards, and you have the ability to change it, do it! ​

Never go through life with regrets. Decisions you make today can determine your future in some way. And I say that because with God, you don't know what will happen. Make the most out of your life, know that challenges will come, and remember that you are the change that you want to make.

© 2017 Shakira Pipkin


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