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Poem: If You Were My Wife!

Updated on January 11, 2012

If you were my wife!

Did you know that

the term “Ever”

Only means that

It must involve you

To confirm that you have

for it to be true to you.

Have you ever thought?

Of the reason you are

marrying who you are

Marrying before you

marry them?

If you were my wife,

You would

know exactly

what I expected

of you!

I would also

know exactly

what you expect

of me too!

Because it's

so very clear

after leaving home

and hopefully

learning so much

From our parents,

What I have learned

Is that I should

Not even attempt

Dating anyone

From whom

I cannot feel

or see some signs

Of that visible love

all great humans

and animals

Have for their


Sometimes even

when the stories

They carry

Are not always

as pleasant as

we sometimes

Mature enough

to understand

The way it was.

It you were my wife

There are things

You would know

About me

That not too many

others in this world

could possibly know

Much less to see

And this would

also be vice verse

If it’s a true union.

The one that 's

is the very best

woman for me

The one that I

Should know


looking forward

to that time

when husbands

and wives live

love and grow.

and get to know

Even more

Should be

None other

than my wife.

If you were my wife

There would be no

Negative comments

From you about

my dear Mother.

Never Ever!

Why should you

Are you crazy?

By doing so

I 'll confirm and see

you are not the one!

The only things

that should truly

matter to you

about my mother

Is that given all the

other Mothers

In this world

The one whose

son you choose

to be with.

Happens to be

my Mother!

It should be

nothing but thanks

Exchanges of

women's knowledge

Love , respect

and understanding!

From both of you.

If you were my wife

The problems that

we might have had

In the beginning

of our relationship.

Where we were

supposed to be

Working hard

On working out

the Kinks,

Should not again

come back to be

Those very same

problems that

would lead to

our divorce.

If you were my wife

We would have

already learned

already earned

Our stripes

From the success

or the failure of

the relationship

Between our

own parents

Knowing that

which works

and what simply don't.

We would be

extremely wise people.

If you were my wife

You had to have

most definitely

been part of the

human race.

I have not as yet

seen any human.

That have loved

to see both parents

mom and dad

Constantly engulfed

in battle every day.

Because by now

You would have

already grown

To learn all those

Negative things.

If you were my wife

The happiness

that those lessons

Would bring to my life

Would be nothing

But an earthly

Taste of heaven.

You would most

Definitely have

known who I am

Long before,

It could even be

possible for you

to be thinking

of marrying me.

If you were my wife!

You would know

That I am one who

Have always been

saying things like.

Behind every great


Are some pretty


And very wise

human beings.

I you were my wife!

You would know

That I am not a man

Who marries to

Get divorced.

If you were my wife!

You cannot be greedy,

Jealous, insecure,

or afraid of what

I “might” do.

Where I might go.

Or if I might

Commit adultery

That's jealousy

A demon kinda

thing for me.

Marriage is agreement

Between two.

If you were my wife!

You would know

That the other is you

That I could not be

that foolish a man.

Instead of being grown

Secure and strong.

Here I am being

A jealous fool

Wondering what to do

Or thinking why

I am going along

Those same

foolish ways too!

If you were my wife

You would know

That many soldiers

Are married men

Who vowed to be

ready to go to battle

Serve and defend

The doctor is

A specialist on call

He is always

the first Doctor

To be called on

his specialist list

He had chosen

this profession

A long time before

you even met him

The same one you

met on that train

while he was going

to that same work.

If you were my wife!

You would already know

That am was actor,

Or the lead singer

in that same band,

To whose music

you were on the floor

dancing the night away

Or that I was

the president

For crying out loud.

That I was the pastor

of that same Church

you attended and sing,

That I was

a people person

The way you met me.

If you were my wife!

Since nothing have

Changed with me.

Only now you

became my wife.

Not to start

a new game.

Why so many

new rules

Wanting so many

things rearranged.

So many things

you no longer

Wanting me to do.

Well if you were my wife!

You would know

that those ways

just won’t work with me.

You can either


All those times

spent together

See if the memory

Is suffice to have

you now be ready

To go with this

sure thing

Or as I have

found out

With so many

other marriages,

people get tired

And are somehow

ready to move on,

Try their luck

But with my type

of reasoning,

Things like these

Could never

be happening.

Marriage in not

Like gambling!

If you were my wife!


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      lol. The block it great, but excuse me if I prefer the terminology of the "Hills" the hills teach the block spoils and too crowded.

      That's exactly what I just responded to you on your last comment. about where are the best places for kids to stand the best chance.

      I prefer taking my chances with the beast of the field any day , than be eventually labelled like a piece of prime meat "Innocent by stander" what is that?

      What you are referring to here is called dating in my birthplace . It's a chance to be sure , I prefer to say confirm, on both sides that all what you are seeing and hearing is genuine. It's from those times, which are all but eroded here and in these times, you will find your mother and my mother and our fathers. The plan for life come after this dating.I could go on forever.

      Thanks for everything brethren.Even questions carries their weight in gold here.Well sincere ones.


    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      I always thought and correct me if I'm wrong.. that when you venture into partnership you learn one another as days go by.. I feel you would marry to share the learning curve.. and once that is said and done then you introduce the message you displayed here in your hub.. am I right or am I just blowing hot air? Your Friend Frank.. from the block!

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      And there speaks, the voice which I do believe, will be again my adviser just as before when I did my personal version of "This was my wife" If you were my wife , follows in a group you will find the links under If you were my Mother.

      Thanks for such a spited comment on this subject and I do believe light can be shed on this subject that would be of even much greater magnitude and that's where I know in the future I will most definitely be collaborating with the opposite sex, in many ways , even now here is missing the final piece of this volume . If you were my Husband"

      So my mother is always so correct, she said son , no man is an island. This has helped me move so far away from selfishness.

      Thanks jlald , your comments are always welcomed.


    • profile image

      jlal 6 years ago

      This speaks to a cipule willing to practice binocular vision, respect each other's differences, and work at a solution that is mutually beneficial. The problem becomes when one spouse selfishly sees themselves only and fault/blame is attached to the other. The easy way out seems to give up. That, indeed, might be your only choice if your partnet fails to attach importance to the disruption!!!!!