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'Ill-Logical' The Logical, Musical

Updated on December 2, 2015


hopeful, letting thoughts, go,

I said attractable,

power of positive emits, negativity's indefinitely on the fritz, sputniks cancelled,

shows cancelled folks, if you got 'em- better smoke em'- it'll advance well,

into the next line, as the casket dwell'd,

empty temporarily, who I am, yelled,

life unveiled,

right before my eyes, walls wailed,

closing in thin, dears spears impaled,

don't move or you'll bruise, head nailed,

removed from you & your body too, spine has failed,

to attach back, wipe, wind pipe flaps, sacked, for sale,

thoughts words & emotion sold to who knows, only for snake oil potion, oh well I don't really kale,

must eard greens or magic beans, cow kicked over the pail,

crying over swimming snail,

slow to move on- cummon, detail,

seems so logical, for such a simple man, listen well,

please tell me, who the hell...

is on the dial, ringing the bell


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