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I'll Still Get Up

Updated on October 14, 2012

My heart feels broken. I’ll still put on a dress. I’ll get up and perform the same actions as I would if you were still with me. Tears bubble under the surface.

All I want to do is lay down. I’ll get up.

I’ll feel the water over my body. So what if it mixes with my tears? I’ll still get up.

I’ll think of you. I won’t forget I’ll still get up. I’ll carefully put all your things aside with love.

I’ll wait for you, but I’ll still get up.

Yes my darling you've treated me like a fool, but I’ll still get up. I’ll stand strong in my belief in love, that’s one thing that you’ll never take away from me!

You want to find the pain in every tender moment. You want to scream each time you feel a shiver of our passion. My boy, you fear your own skin and drag me into your confusion. I’ll still get up.

You tear apart all that we create and then you suffer. You break yourself and then you watch me crumble. My boy, I’ll still get up.

You want to see me feel something my love? For you my love is not enough.

You want to see my tears. You did. You will. My darling, I’ll still get up.

And if you were to wake up from your self-inflicted nightmare we’d both step up.

We’d feel the love.

But darling, that’s me dreaming.

I’ll still get up.


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