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I'll Still Stand by You

Updated on August 6, 2011

Eventhough I've made you angry many times before

I'll still stand by you,

because your a million reasons why.

Your still my mentor in many ways you help me realize

what is right and wrong.

You are the wings beneath my back.

You pick me up everytime I am down.

You sacrificed everything for your little treasure

to have a better life

And I know that times right now are not

as great as you expected them to be

But always know dearly

that i'll always be by your side.

No matter what challenges are ahead of us

or what troubles we through

in the present and future

always keep me in your heart and memory



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    • wayseeker profile image

      wayseeker 6 years ago from Colorado


      The emotions running beneath this poem are clearly very potent for its speaker. It deals with the classic struggles of conflict and trust that are so universal in relationships, and this is a great strength of the piece.

      There are also some hints at the details that surround this particular situation: "Even though I've made you angry..." suggesting the nature of some of the conflicts, and "...mentor..." and "...sacrifice..." both help to begin defining the person with whom the speaker is in a relationship.

      I struggle a bit to connect, however, as the references are vague and there are no places where I can really dig into the experience. If I knew more about the situation, I could engage more directly with the emotional content of the piece. Adding more sensory detail and possibly taking me into some of the situations that have caused this emotional reaction could help pull me in to the experience.

      In any case, this poem has a deep heart. Thanks so much for sharing it!