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Illsuion on my mind

Updated on September 24, 2010

Woke up with a smile on my face,

I witnessed a wonderful girl

who was chillin' at my place,

We watched a movie

I couldn't remember what it was,

but it made you cry so hard...?

The imaginary dream had me thinking wide,

All spread out like the colors floating in the sky

You couldn't stop crying

but why?

I kept asking you but you said you would rather die?

Ok so far so bad it was a nightmare.

I wanted to wake up so I could escape this fright fair,

but you finally spoke

and you said it all.

brought tears to my eyes

like Angel Falls.

but then a blackout hit my living room

an you simply got closer to me.

Lights started glowing in our bodies,

it was our hearts bright red ya see.

and everytime you got closer

the power of the light got stronger

both our hearts were together

and the pain was completely a goner

I couldn't recall what you said to me

but I really wish I did?

[ Crazy how I remembered everything that happened in that dream except the dialogue?]


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