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Illuminated Sky

Updated on September 11, 2017
Thereseml profile image

I love writing, especially poetry. I write so that the reader can feel the emotion in the poetry I write.

Illuminated Sky

Oh how beautiful you are.

Do you enjoy looking at my stars?

The lights they give reveal your beauty to me.

I gaze down on you and experience a love so true.

The love you show him and the love he shows you.

I am grateful for the admiration I receive from both of you.

My sky is vast and people fall in love with me so fast.

I give you the beauty of the stars within me.

My stars are happy as they shine over the scene.

Making every step you make easier to see.

Every ship that sails my lights shall prevail.

While the world sleeps, my stars make the sky illuminated at night.


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