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Illumination the next step

Updated on November 4, 2016

In this world, filled with eternal night,
With nothing to distinguish the wrong from right,
the place where to few, even the destination is not clear,
Where people succeed on the basis of strength shear,

Where before the climax the curtains fall,
Where to slow you down, even the dead will call,
Just when you thought the jackpot you had hit,
To stop you, your neck your blood will slit,

This is a place where during the day, even the angels brawl,
And at night, freely the masters crawl,
The warmth in the people got buried so deep,
That people laugh, when the window's weep,

In the world filled with eternal night,
With little to distinguish the wrong from right,
The people to whom clear is their destination,
For their next step, they only need that much illumination....


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