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Illusion of the world

Updated on July 23, 2016


illusion,illusion everywhere.
what you see always may not be true,
what is true, is not always what you see!
Aren't they the very same?
yet very different...
illusion here too.

glass half filled with water is the same half emptied glass of water.
there may be a number of raw example of illusion,
but words may be different, sentences be reversed
but one cannot deny the world is indeed an illusion.

the world is an illusion as you yourself are to others
thou hear things which thou trust not,
yet you trust not the things which you hear.
aren't they the very same yet very different in essence.

it depends on you, your very own perspective...
whether you choose to see the darker side or the brighter.
it depends on you,
whether you say, " the sun is brighter today! "
or you say, "the sun was dull yesterday".
i leave it on you.

-Ananya Ghoshal


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