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Illustrated Female Manga Short Comic By Hector Salinas Volume 2

Updated on May 21, 2014

My version of android 18. She is one of the sexiest manga/anime girls ever seen on tv. Lucky krillin! haha! Yes, I have followed Dragon Ball Z; Although not recently. More importantly I love Mr. Akira Toriyama's work from the past. There was a game that came out for super nintendo called "Chrono Trigger" long ago in the early or mid 1990s. I fell in love with that game, and that game introduced me into Role Playing Games (RPGs). The artwork was similar to DBZ but I did not know it was from the same artist until later on. Dragon Quest is also one video game that comes to mind, which still love to this very day.

Anyway; Here 18 is posing showing how sexy she can be. You can see her full body on my art blog (link at the bottom of this page).

Cute Manga Brunette

Just a random cute girl I drew a while ago. Here I am exploring drawing manga brunettes, and I think I am doing more at this time, than in the past. I only drew females with different colored hair, and not black hair. Her attire was all design by me.

I used 3ds Max for the background. Doing abstract on 3ds Max is a good idea and very easy and the geometry will always be correct if you do things right. Anyway; I am only showing the portrait version of this drawing. You can see her whole body if you go to my blog (link at the bottom of this page)

King is a Girl

Maybe you'd think that someone going by the name of "King" would be a guy. Not in the King of Fighters tournament (KOF) video game. King is a girl. She does dress somewhat like a boy, but she is 100% girl. She is a good fighter who I believe started out her career on an arcade called "Art of Fighting" back in the early 90s I think. I personally did not notice her till she was on the 1994 edition of the original KOF.

I fell in love with her style, fighting moves and all. I made this fan art to give you a little bit of an idea on how I visualize her. She is wearing most of the original outfit shown in the game, but with high heel open shoes. I know in the real sense, that fighting in these shoes would not be easy, but anything is possible when we are talking about video games.

Female Angel

I have always been amazed and love to see sexy female angels. I think its one of my favorite themes to draw. Here I drew this cutesy angel for those who can appreciate the same things like me. I was not so sure as to what to do with the background. I did some random swirls as you can see.

She is a fantasy girl. Not because angels don't really exist. I do believe angels are real. but they do not have gender like us (male/female). Anyway that is what I believe according to my study of angels.

I drew this with pencil and paper, traditionally sketched it. Scanned and edited in photoshop. I wish I had a drawing tablet. The one that I want is a cintiq, I think is called, but they are super expensive. I can't afford it, so I am stuck with my original procedure to produce drawings.

Female Manga Art Magazine Cover

My female drawings are back again after taking much time off. In this occasion experimenting creating a magazine cover for summer 2011 issue. All the titles are made up, not real. On the cover is my OC by the name of Lili. I like how this turned out, although I think there are more factors missing on the background. Lili is resting with her bent knees, now this is really a good pose for creating a magazine cover because it kinda zooms in on the whole body, without leaving anything behind. A face close up is also good, but when I draw women, or any other character for that matter, I prefer to draw the whole body.

Summer 2011 Beach Babe Contest

There is a group in DeviantArt website that goes by the name of SexyFemaleDrawings. they held a contest and so, this had to be one of the drawings I did to promote the contest. Here we have a manga girl enjoying her day at the beach, but oh noe... she forgot or was unaware of the cameras and so she is too shy to pose to the camera without a top. So lifts her arm so her boobs won't come into view . Makes you think that the crabs are getting the best view and we are just left with our imagination.


Ready for a fight against these two martial arts girls? They seem to be very confident in themselves to take any other two challengers. Michelle Strong, and Sofia Galiga are two of my original character I recently created. They are sexy girls who love to brawl. Perhaps their attaire is somewhat inapropiate, because I think they would usually wear karate robes or something similar. I guess I have been much influenced by the girls who fight for reals in such tournaments of Strikeforce Woman's MMA, or Japan's Smackgirl. They do wear sometimes such flashy clothing and look extremely sexy. The only difference here is that drew sandals, but in fact they would battle barefoot.

Fairy Princess Drawing

Straight from my imagination. Now looking at this drawing after I got finished with it; Maybe it would have been a good idea to place something in the background for reference as to her height. She is really a tiny creature (about 5" tall) and has powers as you can see here. Thought her powers are only visual, not of anything else. She is also able to fly, and does so very fast or slow depending on her mood. She spread her butterfly wings and her wings become shorter for faster flight (wings become larger for slower flight). Most of the times she will fly along large bodies of waters. with her toes almost touching the surface of the water. It is still unknown to me her complete bio. But my imagination runs wild sometimes.

Which Of The Drawings In This Hub Did You Like?

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To see more of my female drawings, please visit me at my blog; go to Female Manga Art (^_^)


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    • Truckstop Sally profile image

      Truckstop Sally 

      7 years ago

      I was really not familiar with these type of female drawings. At first I thought I would be put off, but the contrary is true. You explained them very well. The Girlfight made me laugh. I am a schoolteacher, and my co-workers and I have lots of fun during the day. Currently it involves hiding a drink mix package in each other's rooms. Silly, I know. My friend sent a student to my room, and said: "Mrs. B said there was going to be a fight if you hid this package one more time." I said, "If there was a fight, who do you think would win Mrs. B or me?" The little boy was perplexed -- "I don't know, it is the first day of school." A few minutes later I went into the hall for something, and when I returned, my class was big-eyed and quiet. "Well, who won?" they asked.


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