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Illustrations of a Dream

Updated on December 22, 2011



The taste, feel, and sight.

Visions of beauty,

Containing God’s works of mind,

The different shapes, forms and characteristics.

I fantasize of greatness.

To be put on a pedal-stool

Admired for my works of good deeds.

Where we go in reality is a….fantasy.

All accomplishments, all of us dream.

But once we receive our dream come true that once fantasized about,

For much time, we shall embrace.

Enjoy the taste

Before we know it.


It has to go.

And we just become a succeeded life,

That once fantasized that where we go in reality is just a….



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    • Dari Arrington profile image

      Dari Arrington 6 years ago

      Thank you :)

    • ali-07 profile image

      ali-07 6 years ago from Port Arthur, Tx

      Beautifully written