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I'm Falling For Fall

Updated on February 10, 2017

Leaves of beautiful colors are all displayed, as you see them blowing all around on the ground and flying with the wind high in the air.

A natural painting of color scenery,all decked on tress and on the ground of earth for all to see.

Look at the ground as some constantly fall down carpeting it with pretty leaves of wear,as the leaves fall off of trees to get ready for winter that will be soon here.

Oh! What a pretty sight with the leaves of color, red-orange-coral-green-brown and some so pretty in yellow.

It is just a magnificent view to see,as fall comes around and leaves just break away from their branches and fall from each tree.

I am falling for fall,the beautiful display of nature that enters all around like sweet music coming from a great big hall

It's beautiful and wonderful way that it displays it self in everyone's eyes and walk way.


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