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I'm Having A Cow!

Updated on December 31, 2016

I'm having a cow.

on January 9, 2002. © All rights reserved

I've found that beef cattle
are so hard to face
alone in a pasture...
head to head...
one on one
I think it's their....
big liquid eyes...
with that gaze
looking sadly contented,
as they chew all that grows,
into recycled cud
I guess it's just knowing
that they're eating their way
to a date with a hammer...
to become my hamburger
food I've grown up to to love,
countless times at Mickey D's
pigging out on the remnants,
of some distant relation
ancestor to this bovine,
who is staring me down
but my guilt is quite fleeting
as I turn to depart,
from this expendable resource
that tastes oh, so damn good,
then it's off to a drive-thru
to dampen the hunger,
that came on me quite sudden
in my walk cross this farm,
and the furthest thing now
from my mind is remorse,
at this poor, simple creature
cause I'm having a cow,
with lettuce, and tomatoes
pickles, ketchup...and cheese,
on a hot, toasted bun

"Could you pass the salt, please??"

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III

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