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I'm In Suspicion of Being Superstitious - An American Rant

Updated on March 23, 2011

(Or What Life Might Like if Robert Frost had Done Heroin with William S. Burroughs)

"Don't That Make You Suspicious  That the Dead are keeping something back" Robert Frost From the Witch of Coos
"Don't That Make You Suspicious That the Dead are keeping something back" Robert Frost From the Witch of Coos

"THIS INFORMATION COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE AND FREEDOM, THIS COMING IS AN 'OFFICIAL ANNONCEMENT OF THE ONE THING THAT I CAN PROMISE YOU IS NOT A THREAT TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY OR ANYTHING ELSE...BEFORE YOUR GO ON READING I ASK ONLY THAT YOU BE AWARE AND AWAKE!!! FOR YOU MUST READ THIS QUICKLY AND THEN IT WILL BE YOUR CHOICE WHAT TO DO NEXT WITH THE INFORMATION..." The top lines of a letter that I had recieved at my work place yesterday, I now was taking time to read. For some reason I suddenly smelled the scent of Carmel and Popcorn, which reminded my mind of last Friday night - Good Friday it was.

Now I had not paid my cable bill on time, and it ws

"Hooray, hooray finally a Pope that really understands what the people of the world need, more access. More access to food, more access to education, more access to clean drinking water, more access to medicine, more access to money, ...oh yeah, I forgot more access to God...But wait we have an even better idea, brought to you from the same people who gave us The Crusades, The Inquisitions, The Council of Nicea, and even decided to take a backseat when Adolf Hitler was Jew hunting in Eastern Europe / The Holy Roman Catholic Church is now proud to announce their newest and first Great Revelation for the new. That nothing less than the Rapture itself, is going to be the End of this World...Or any other..."

That was the greatest day in human history for the Pope inspired us all, we no longer were about the End of the Long Count in 2012. We were sure that the coming year would bring great things. Economic relief, drops in the price of tobacco, perhaps even newly reasonable allies becoming able to bring treaty and ceasefires across the borders of the Eastern and Western world.

Reading froma a teleprompter the newness of the Pope was showing, "Praise those who are wiser and 'Due to less Catholics, Prodestants, Baptists, and Christians across all denominations, no longer attending church, congregations are dropping in numbers, and countless alleged scandals that have painted a biased view of the Roman Church in the media - these things are all signs of a problem that now has a solution thanx to our new Pope Benedict! Having Faith, Trusting God, and Even Tithing every Sunday is not enough incentive to bring people to the Churches of the World. Nobody has time to Pray, Worship, or even Read their Bible - because they are busy night after night doing one thing...

"Then came the amazing number of persons, of every color men and women in unison who yelled ,"Downloading porn on the internet."

And one lady in the distance screams, "NO, he means praying and thanking out dear lord Jesus for all his wisdom and grace. Think people WWJD, WWJD...What would Jesus DO?"

(As yet unfinished)


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      Blake Ford Hall 3 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d