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"I'm Still Standing Right Here...and at This Moment."

Updated on November 29, 2021
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A Continual Saga of a "Younger-than-Now" Poet from the Highly-Esteemed State of Texas proclaiming more Poetic-able Prose using just pure wit

"I'm Still Standing Right Here...And At This Moment." (Us Cowboys Never Get Knocked Down!)

Young cowboy practicing roping
Young cowboy practicing roping | Source

Brief Intro:

Ya' know...there is many aspects in Life to leaning certain skills. A Cowboy definitely has to learn a set of skills to be out working the land. But, we all way or many shapes, or forms. can get the jest of this from this Poem.

A my humble opinion...needs to take you you are reading it. Tell a Tale...Keep your imagination reeling...or just entertain you with jabs of Poetic Wisdom.

In any case...though this Poem is done around the learnin' of one young Cowboy...on how to throw a rope. Guarantee you that this Poem was not "thrown" together. Each Phrase and Image was carefully chosen to depict this "Manly" Poem.

Hope you like it...


The Young Cowboy picked up his rope from off of the dirt...

His fingers were blistered from the rope sliding through...and all his muscles hurt.

They had been at it all morning...and he still couldn't rope a calf...on the run...

By now he was worn out...The cool morning had lead way to the breaking hot sun.

Sweat poured down from his cowboy hat...and the whole hat band area...was soaking wet...

He tried to lean back against the nearest get under as much he could get.

He turned to look at the Old Cowboy...The old guy had barely broken a sweat...

Old Guy...probably enjoyed this torment...The Young Cowboy could just bet.

"Get back up on the Saddle...Let's try it one more time again...

Pitch it from past the hondo...then flick it down quick as your wrist starts to bend."

Young Cowboy looked with a snarl...from beneath his hat brim...

And thought of the times the Old Cowboy...had kept pushing him.

It was getting close to lunch...Wouldn't be long before the lunch bell rang...

Old Cowboy said from his horse..."We ain't stopping to eat...Don't care how long they let that bell clang!"

Now...the younger one was getting mad...he had tried giving this thing...his best...

He needed a cool drink of water...he wanted to sit down for a spell...and rest.

Photo by Jim Williamson. Shaun Smith helped a young cowboy learn how to rope at the Four States Fairgrounds.
Photo by Jim Williamson. Shaun Smith helped a young cowboy learn how to rope at the Four States Fairgrounds. | Source

The Young Cowboy let his head hang...

He knew if they didn't come to lunch when the lunch bell rang...

The joking would never end about his roping...It'd start with a "Bang"!

He knew he'd hear all about it from all the older ranch hands...Dang !

The Old Cowboy...being wise in his ways...

Thought back to how it was...during his younger days.

He did not need a word from this younger one...trying hard to learn to work the range...

He remembered those younger days when the older cowboys could make him feel awkward and strange.

He climbed down off his horse with a smile...

And said ..."Let's take a talk about this awhile.

You've almost got it...nothing worthwhile...ever comes to us with any ease...

I remember what it was like to be the youngest on the ranch...that the others tease.

Don't let it fret you...In fact...Don't even give it another thought...

Think instead of what I've shown you...Consider the fundamentals of what I've taught.

It will come to you...on the next couple of tries...I have no doubt...

This is good practice for you...of what being a Cowboy is all about !

Then you can master this the coming days...

And you'll have learned a valuable skill that will help you learn more Cowboy ways.

But of the ones...that might kid you...or look for a way to poke fun at you...

Listen up to me, Son...Hold your head up high...I'm going to tell you in a minute...what to do.

As in all things about Life...this lesson in "Roping" can turn out to be much more...

No need to get down on yourself for anything...You're Still Standing,Right? That's for sch'ore ! (Texan pronunciation...of the word "sure") "

Student Shows Kids "The Ropes" at Penn State DuBois
Student Shows Kids "The Ropes" at Penn State DuBois | Source

"The World has so much in store for you...Some good and some's a fact...

I wish it weren't the case...But you can take it like a "Man"...Stand Tall...Push Back!

I have always gotten back up in the Saddle...One Day at a time...

Along a Pathway that I only tried to conceive in my mind.

I Have Been There...and Done that...

I've questioned Everyday...Where I was at.

I said to myself: "I want to take the less traveled road..." and Guess what...I sure did !

Sure wish I didn't tell myself such stupid things...from way back when I was just a kid.

In our hands...We hold the Power to Stand our Ground...

We have the Power to Stand back up...Once we've been knocked down.

I won't ever let it be said of me...that I didn't Stand back up...and Fight...

Especially...for what I know in my the thing that has to be right! little young long as you're learning the ways...from this ranch hand...

Better Believe...I'm going to train you right...there is no "short-cut" for becoming a man.

One thing I've always tried to show you is to get back up on that Horse...after you've been knocked down...

There's No one that can ever keep you from Standing back up...once you've landed on the ground.

There's a certain toughness that is required of you...if you want to be a Cowboy...and work the land...

I won't sell you short on any of my training...Will you sell me short by not giving it all you can?"

The Caption for this particular picture on this Website reads: "Fight for Future Generations We understand the future generations you're fighting for."
The Caption for this particular picture on this Website reads: "Fight for Future Generations We understand the future generations you're fighting for." | Source

"When the guys back at the ranch ask you...why it took you all morning to learn how to throw...

Don't pay never mind...they tend to exaggerate about we don't know.

They'll tell you about how they were born with a rope by their side...

They'll tell you about how great they are at roping...with a whole bunch of pride.

Don't worry about their braggings...I'll make sure you have the last laugh...

Don't think for a minute...that I came to be Foreman...without being able to handle the Ranch Staff.

When they start egging you on...and laughing at you...about how much time you spent...

I want you to look in the biggest one's eyes and say: ""I'm Still Standing Right Here...And At This Moment."

Then...I want you to kick him in the shin...and then scoot and ski-daddle.

That should make them all think for a second...and have to adjust themselves in the saddle.

After you have put some distance between him...and yourself...and a whole lot of ground...

I want you to shout back at them all: "Us Cowboys Never Get Knocked Down!"

Then... I'm going to ask them all...Why they were picking on a "young'un"...

Then I'm going to laugh at them....and tell them...We was only funnin' !

And that they should be ashamed of themselves...'Cause each one was young too...Once before.

Then I'm gon'na pat you on the back...'Cause I'll know you're ready...for what Life has in store!"


...Or Better Yet...Here is the Video: (Please, give a listen )


© 2012 ManlyPoetryMan


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