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I'm an Aloha Shirt Guy!

Updated on June 6, 2015

I know what you are thinking. That thought that is running through your head, it is the same one I get from people all the time when they see me in my aloha shirt... THAT GUY IS AWESOME! Yes I know I am pretty cool. I do not know what it is. It could be my witty personality, charming demeanor, or my boyish good looks. I really think it is the aloha shirts that make me awesome... Ok they just look cool it really is all of those things mentioned above that make me awesome. Aloha shirts are pretty sweet as well, which is why I wear them. You don't think I would be caught dead in some lame outfit that wasn't cool or hip now would you? Good. I knew you were a smart cookie. I love my aloha shirts. They make me feel so loose and relaxed. I do not know what it is, they have some magical properties that secretly make my troubles just pass me by. Now all I need is a hammock, tropical island, and jimmy buffett.

A Little About Aloha Shirts

It doesn't matter if you call them Aloha Shirts or Hawaiian Shirts. They are the same thing. From what I understand the term aloha is used in the industry while Hawaiian in used more by the general public. No, matter what you call them the king wore one so they are by default sweet. Back in the 30's a genius named Ellery Chun made and sold the first Aloha shirt out of old kimono fabric. The Honolulu Advertiser coined them "Aloha Shirts" and the name stuck. After WWII many service men returned home a lot more cool than when they left, not only because they kicked butt and did their duty, but because they were aloha shirt guys! Then everyone wanted to be like them, so in the 50's after travel became easier they flocked to Hawaii to get them. They have been a fashion staple ever since.

How are They Made?

Different Kinds of Aloha Shirts

Traditionally aloha shirts are simple with traditional quilt and tapa designs or they are decorated with floral patterns. The traditional aloha shirts are considered semi-formal so they tend to be less crazy and have more muted color and are usually printed on the interior so the exterior of the shirt is even more muted. This process is called reverse printing, to the untrained eye this may seem like a mistake. Contemporary designs are more loud and colorful and many times do not feature any native Hawaiian designs at all, but things like cars, hula girls, and drinks. These tend to be a lot more popular on the mainland than in the islands.

A Great Theme Song for you Aloha Shirt Guys!

Be Proud

In my experience as an aloha shirt wearing guy, I have noticed that those from the mainland think you are a goofball that can't dress himself. Likewise the islanders think that if you wear a traditional shirt you are a poser, or you can't dress yourself. So most times unless you are at a party or a tiki rave you may feel like you are the odd man out... Which you are! Because you are way cooler than all those chumps wearing normal clothes. When you put on an aloha shirt you automatically are inducted into a brotherhood of awesomeness. There is no forms or applications for this elite group of people. The only form is how you carry yourself and the only application is how you apply your laid back style to your day. We come from all walks of life, from the CEO's to the farmers hands, we may be forced to wear strange restrictive clothes while at our jobs but the minute we hit the clock we are aloha shirt guys! Yes, we do put them away when we go out with our women ( we do not want a divorce). We may not be wearing them when out on a date, but they are and always will be in our hearts and minds.


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    • Jordanwalker39 profile image

      Jordanwalker39 5 years ago from NC

      That is awesome! I want to be on an aloha shirt wearing sports team! Lucky! Thanks Bill.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      We had an adult softball teams years ago, and our uniforms were Aloha shirts....all different colors and we looked damn cool! I understand completely! :)