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I'm gonna live forever

Updated on April 30, 2016




Lost in the"D"...things I didn't know. Been under this tent since the age of four. Went to the store holding my sister's hand. Shots rang out separated from my mans. Started to cry wanted. Wanted to die. Adopted by a man Holy Ghost filled and fire baptised. You and your sister I'm all you gonna know. Raised by the spirit. Protected by the Lord!!!

I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna live first-ever, I'm gonna iguana I'm gonna live forever!!!

Now sixteen, tough in these streets. Carry my sword and shield. No room for deceit. Not going down...agony of defeat. Good at teaching the word. Demons get released! God on my side and never here alone. Circumcised from the rest. Out here in my zone. Only one I have, ill give my life for. The Holy life I live my sis and I on one accord. Since we lost our family our lives been real. Been taught how to love. Been taught how to feel. Praying to my Heavenly Father... Compassion I feel!

I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna live forever!!!

Gonna make a change! In GOD we only trust. Forgot about our past. Da-da lifted Him up. Up raised from children now we're full grown. He's pushing us out the nest to come into our own. Remembering the days of paying down on our bending knees. Now sent by the set the CAPTIVES FREE!!!

Tyrone "Ylynd" Smalls


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