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I'mTrying to write a book

Updated on April 19, 2012

Veiwing beauty helps me write beautifully

Im trying ... Im trying

It's not easy to write a book, a work of your own is easy to think about and to dream about but when the blank page is starring back at you it seems that everything I think of is horrible. Take my latest Idea: I have a few friends that are lyrical to say the least so I thought if we all got together and wrote short stories, poetry or what ever it might make me get back into writing, sadly this is the first thing Ive wrote since last year and look at what it is an article about not being able to write. Here are somethings Ive tried, free writing/ or talking: sometimes the blank page that we all are intimidated of is easier to concur when we have the flow started before hand,so I got a recorder... I see this as a great way to work out details about a story but as far as the specific's of filling the page it didn/t work for me. Next I tried describing a object in detail on paper (or) computer,I picked just what I saw, a tree or the cover of a CD case. This may work for some but it got boring very quickly. finally I tried forcing the words out, rhyming is the best take a phrase and rhyme, it doesn't need to make since its just to get writing but again it got repetitive and boring. I will continue to try new things to get the lyrical flow back but until then if you are in a slump try these techniques maybe they will work for you. Thanks for reading and allowing me to vent... Maybe this will bring the flow back best of luck to you all and happy writing.


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