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Imagination vs Reality

Updated on February 16, 2017
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Time slides slowly by

Patiently, I anticipate your call

Anxiously and quietly, I searched the thoughts of my mind

And asked, will he call?

Time elapsed and my heart speaks

It whispers softly

Wishing you in my arms

I reminisce on our treasured moments

Moments that lives inside my heart

And dances in my mind

Minutes into hours

How much longer

Must I wait?

Wait for the love of my life

Lost in imaginary thoughts

Hoping they will become reality

As days prolonged

The further away from reality I am

Not a call, not a text

The one that I love is of no effect

He never showed

He didn’t come

What a pain

Oh, God! It hurts

I review my life

My heart, my mind

They are my friend

They are all I’ve got

This is how it's going to be

Tell me what could this be?

This is real

It's not an imagination

Only Reality


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