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Imaginative Tale Inspired by a House in Barcelona

Updated on January 4, 2020
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

How Would You Like a Dragon on Your Roof?

Imaginative tale of a little girl and a visiting dragon
Imaginative tale of a little girl and a visiting dragon | Source

What Would You Do With a Dragon on Your Roof?

Paloma is very bored just sitting by the fire with her old nanny. Her nanny falls asleep and Paloma is ready for some imaginative play. She goes to the window for a brief time and the adventures begin. Something is banging on the window! Paloma discovers a frightened bat outside on the window and the bat warns her of impending danger from a giant creature. Paloma decides to be brave and wants to discover what has come into her house. Her nanny is still asleep and this is the perfect time to explore this new visitor. Paloma absolutely loves dragons! This dragon has many surprises to show Paloma. Young readers will be astounded to see what the dragon creates. Paloma and her dragon have so much fun until her nanny wakes up. Paloma wonders what her nanny would say if she knew that a dragon had caused all of the strange changes to the house while she was sleeping.

Antoni Gaudi is an architect who was inspired by a unique house in Barcelona Cecile Alix and Fred Sochard created this unique story from Gaudi's interest in this house. The illustrations are done in pastel colors that reflect his love for the sea. They includes a history of the house in Barcelona and the story behind the dragon that appears to be on the roof of this house. Beautiful photographs of the house are included and featured at the end of the book.

A Dragon on the Roof was published by Prestel Publishers and is recommended for ages 5-9. It has an ISBN of 978-3-7913-7391-1.

Beautiful and Engaging Illustrations With the Colors of Sea Life

A giant dragon appears
A giant dragon appears | Source
Paloma loves dragons!
Paloma loves dragons! | Source

Bring a Dragon Into the Classroom With Creative Activities

Cecile Alix and Fred Sochard's A Dragon on the Roof is a delightful picture book and story that inspires creative curriculum activities. Picture books and imaginative stories were my go-to-tool to add interest to reading and writing for my young students.

*Read A Dragon on the Roof in a story time group session. Call attention to Paloma and her boredom as she sits by the fire. Engage students in a discussion of what might happen when they get bored.

*Engage students in a discussion of how they would react if a dragon appeared in their house. The discussion can be used as a group writing project for young students who do not yet write. Write the words of each student as they tell their part of the story. This activity is a lesson in learning that writing is related to reading.

*Assign a creative writing project for students who are able to write. Students can write their own story of adventures with a dragon.

*Call attention to the acquarium that the dragon creates. Call attention to the sea creatures. The sea creatures can be a starting point for other learning activities to learn about the sea.

*Learning about unique architecture can be an additional study to add to your curriculum after reading A Dragon on the Roof. The home that inspired this tale is located in Barcelona, Spain. Have a globe availabe for students to locate Barcelona. Call attention to the actual photographs of the home at the end of the book. What are some of the unusual features of the home?

*Call attention to the roof of the home. How does it resemble a dragon?

*Provide drawing paper, crayons in pastel colors, and markers in pastel colors for students to draw the house.

*Provide small milk cartons and art materials for students to create a unique house. Pastel colored tissue paper for depth is a fun material to use.

*Provide reference books to learn more about Gaudi's work.

*Call attention to the colors of the sea and Gaudi's love for the colors of marine life. Create an art activity for children to draw colorful sea creatures.

© 2020 Cindy Hewitt


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