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Imagine The Unimagined, Seriously

Updated on September 18, 2010

The last book has finally come to D.J. MacHale’s Pendragon Adventure in “Pendragon: The Soldiers of Halla”. Every question is answered and every truth is revealed in this grand finale. These series follow the chronicles of Bobby Pendragon, a teenager who discovers that he must try to save the universe from the demon known as Saint Dane.

This quest started out one night as Bobby Pendragon was readying himself for a basketball game at his school in the fictional suburb of Stony Brook, Connecticut. As he’s about to leave, his uncle Press shows up telling him that some people needed his help. It was this night that changed Bobby’s life forever, for little did he know that these people would come to include beings from different worlds of all existence. Starting from the first book in the series, Bobby has had to go to different worlds, known as “territories”, as he attempts to stop Saint Dane from creating turmoil and destruction. Territories are places much like our own Earth but with different characteristics that have caused each world to evolve differently. Along the way he meets other people like himself known as “travelers” whose responsibility is to protect the territories from Saint Dane. Each traveler is a normal inhabitant of each of the 10 territories of Halla. Halla, as Bobby learns from his uncle, is “…everything that ever was or will ever be…” and it is Saint Dane’s goal to control it by reconstructing each territory after it plunges into chaos. In order to defeat him, Bobby and the other travelers must come together as one.

Saint Dane
Saint Dane
Uncle Press
Uncle Press

Throughout his adventures, Pendragon follows Saint Dane to each of the 10 territories while trying to stop his plans for a territory’s devastation. In each territory he discovers amazing worlds and cultures that range from colossal cities built to float on water to Earth’s potential civilization 3000 years into the future. While he is able to stop Saint Dane’s on some of the territories, he also has to accept the loss of other territories to Saint Dane’s manipulation. Through hardships and difficulties, Bobby begins to question himself and his role in this conflict as he wonders why he was chosen to be a traveler.

Near the end of the series, things start turning for the worse. Not only has Saint Dane grown more powerful but he also seems to posses a knowledge of Halla far beyond that of the travelers. It also wasn’t long before Bobby’s home territory of Second Earth came next on Saint Dane’s to-do list. After years of planning, Saint Dane has created a cult known as Ravinia. Ravinia promises people a perfect utopia but in reality it rewards only people who contribute to society and punishes those who do not. It also comes to Bobby’s attention that Ravinia’s influence has started spreading to the other territories. This organization grows powerful enough to be recognized as the spiritual leader of the world by the United Nations. There is, however, a movement set against Ravinia that gathers at Yankee Stadiums to protest the U.N.’s decision. Not knowing that the gathering was a trap, Saint Danes creates a massive portal in the center of the stadium that sends 70,000 members of this group along with Bobby into the unknown.

Bobby eventually wakes up to find himself in the middle of an oblivious landscape with the heartbreaking thought that even after all of his efforts, he had failed Halla. He’s very surprised, however, when he is confronted by his Uncle Press, who had previously died, along with the other nine travelers both dead and alive. He learns that there was still time to save Halla and together they decide to make one last stand against Saint Dane. As Bobby said, “Things weren’t the way they were meant to be. It was our job to make things right. We were the soldiers of Halla. It was time for us to take it back”.

The Pendragon Adventure is an amazing series of novels that capture one’s wildest imagination. Through his creativity and unique writing style, MacHale is able to relate our own world with those that he has created in an exciting and refreshing way. If you like action, adventure, drama, mystery, suspense, or humor, then you will like Pendragon. Readers of all ages will be immediately hooked into these books and will not be able to wait until they get to read the last novel in the series.


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