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Updated on August 10, 2015

I forced my feet to smack the asphalt beneath my shoes so that the sound would echo against the houses on either side of me. The full moon was high overhead, its white light flooding every visible surface. It was a warm night, though a cool breeze tugged at the loose strands of hair around my face.

These little things mean nothing to me anymore. It isn’t beautiful. It’s dull to my eyes now. These old eyes. A century ago, I would have enjoyed it: the wind, the cool grass against my cheek, the sun bringing warmth to all life.

But, there’s no sun where I go. Grass only brings prickly irritation. And the wind whispers to me things that no one should know.

I used to be reckless. I used to take advantage of my power over everyone and everything. And now… it’s just no fun. And I’ve tried ending it: Killing myself. But, I always fail, not because I am afraid, but because being immortal implies no death. No escape.

I’m incapable of everything that made me human. Death. Passion. Fear. And without these things, life is incapable of being beautiful. I have no purpose except to wreak havoc. And I wish I cared… but I’m incapable.

I feed off of weakness and fear. That’s my purpose. To kill, not just life, but happiness and security.

I stopped in my tracks.

A heartbeat.


Lungs inflating, deflating.

A girl came running down the sidewalk to the left in my direction. Seven inches shorter than me. Probably nineteen. Her blood pumped through her veins at a rapid pace, and I could smell her hair flailing behind her.

I felt my teeth extend against my lips: An automatic response.

I change my direction so that I’d meet her on the sidewalk.

She had dark brown hair, and white skin. I could see the veins beneath it, twisting around her muscles. She slowed when she perceived my presence.

I could see urgency and fear in her blue eyes.

“In a hurry?” Her response to my husky voice was to be expected. Her lust fighting to be stronger than her fear.

She stuttered, “I have to get home before curfew. My dad will kill me.”

I smiled, “No he won’t. Come on,” I grasped her hand softly and tugged her in my direction.

The lust won over, and she kissed me.

It was so easy.

My hands wander down her arms, then back up to her collar bone. I swept her hair aside and exposed the skin there.

No need to even draw it out. There’s no fun in it anymore, honestly. I sighed as I moved my mouth to just underneath her jaw and sunk my teeth into her. She gasped and held me tighter.

I pulled away to look at her, and when she saw her own blood staining my lips, it finally registered in her mind. She screamed.

“Please don’t kill me!” She pleaded.

I smiled, “Trust me… You want to die.”

She shook her head animatedly, “No. No no no.”

I kissed her, “Okay. Go on then. Leave.”

She pushed passed me and sprinted slowly.

I shook my head. Humans are idiots. I jogged up quietly behind her, whipping her up against the nearest tree, my hand closed around her neck.

She cried and screamed and begged.

The fear. I feed off of the fear. The agony.

Until finally I take my free hand and plunge it through her stomach, grabbing a hold on her spine, and I ripped it straight out of her. She crumbled before me.

I left.

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    • autumndouglas profile image

      Autumn 2 years ago from Kentucky, USA

      Thank you C.A. Burch! :) Glad you liked it

    • C.A.Burch profile image

      Christian Burch 2 years ago from Florida

      Really enjoyed this story. The ending...fantastic! Loved every sentence of this story. Great job :)