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I'm No Better Than You (A Leaders Poem)

Updated on July 30, 2014

I'm no better than you. (A leader's poem)

I try to speak wisely so I can teach those who admire me,

those who are lost and face the trouble's that I can't deny I meet,

If I can guide those to a place of comfort and content

by being stoic then I will lead even when my need for release becomes extent,

my strength come's from the weakness I refuse to let show,

some days I want to pack a small bag, pick up and go,

just take the little things I may need,

a picture of my family, toiletries, even a good book to read,

my reality here seems to be beckoning by darkness,

but I cant break now because the tough will only get harder,

If now I can absorb the pain I inherit,

later my skin will thicken and my weakness will perish,

stubborn as I intend to remain,

I refuse to let the overhead storm crash down and rain,

and put out my flame,

I am strong! so my soul cannot be detained,

many times I've changed route and ended up back tracking,

learning from mistakes, mentally back packing,

continuing a journey through life,

facing demons and rolling the dice,

hitting highs, stooping lows,

dying inside but emotion controlled,

so who am I ?

I'm no better than you!

I live to die,

not dwelling on the end to arrive but to conquer everything I decide to pursue.


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    • Jai89 profile image

      Jai89 3 years ago from Cardiff

      Thank you Amy, It means a lot to me. As soon as I'm at my desktop I will have a good browse and read through the work you have created :)

      thank you for commenting.

    • Amy Naylor profile image

      Amy Naylor 3 years ago from England


      This poem hit really close to home for me and I have written poetry in my time that revolves around similar ideas. It's very easy to let others lean on you rather than the other way around and then suddenly they're putting you on this pedestal that you don't belong to be standing on.

      Every word had me truly engaged.

      Well done, I love it.