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Importance of Sleep for Professional Writers

Updated on December 26, 2013

One of the things that makes writers experience the writer’s block is not having enough time to sleep. It’s only necessary that as a professional writer or aspiring professional writer, you try to have a good night’s sleep in order to be very productive in your work. The following article features discussions on how sleep can be a very good for writers.

The Brain absorbs more energy in thinking than in physical work

First of all we must understand that any brain work requires more energy than even needed for physical work. In other words writing involves a lot of thinking. In fact it’s actually a way of thinking that requires much more energy than the conventional way of thinking as one would need to type or write down his thoughts and also arrange it for another person (reader) to interpret their ideas.

Writing involves reading.

Writing also involves a lot of reading which also requires some amount of energy to really absorb what you read as you write. In fact for a proper arrangement of your content ideas, one would need a very good retentive memory. Especially at dawn, after waking up from a good sleep and your brain is freshened up, you get to read so well and arranging your ideas also becomes easy. When you sleep before the dawn, it allows your brain to relax. It helps the brain to function properly. The more information the brain can absorb and save on the short term memory the more writing becomes easier for you.

Sleeping is part of the writing process

You must remember that sleeping or taking a break from your work is also part of the writing process. If you stress yourself too much and deny yourself a good night’s sleep you would find it difficult to enjoy your work. This makes it difficult to eve be productive in writing as well as in decision making. Without enough sleep you are unable to think straight.

Your brain and the body.

Of course you cannot have a situation whereby the body becomes tired and affects the brain. The brain controls the body so when it becomes tired, the body also gets tired automatically. You can be tired physically but still have the energy to think. After sitting for long hours to write, you are bound to feel tired the body. When the brain is much relaxed and energized it’s not just able to function properly but also energizes the body. When you feel tired in the body it’s very difficult for you to feel comfortable enough to write. Mostly when you have woken up from a good sleep the brain becomes much more relaxed and energized. Your energy is replenished both physically and psychologically.

Writing exercises the mind

In writing you also get to exercise the brain. The same way one relaxes the body after exercising in order to the strength to exercise once again, you would also need to relax the mind after exercising your brain through writing.

Enjoy your work as a writer

Yes writing involves subjecting oneself to a sort of prolonged isolation to be able to churn out ideas. No matter how long your writing takes, do well to have your 8 hour sleep every day to both heal the mind and body. The more a writer escapes a good night’s sleep it’s going to hurt the mind and body the more you experience a writer’s block because then writing becomes so uncomfortable and stressful. One should be able to enjoy writing before you can churn out more ideas to the satisfaction of your reading audience. When you do not enjoy the work, it would reflect in your writing. It’s difficult to churn out interesting articles if you do not enjoy your work. When you relax more in your sleep, you get to freshen up your mind and allow the body to regain its strength. You get to allow your thoughts to flow with ease and writing therefore becomes less stressful because you don’t have to think so hard or scrape your brain for ideas. The idea flow is simply connected to your finger tips. As you think, you write as well. Don’t continue to drain your minds energy by depriving the body of sleep.

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    • keeganbe09 profile image

      Brett 4 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      I agree. I've been writing badly this past week because I've been writing during sleepy times of the day. Sleep and timing are key.

    • Arc4life profile image

      Arc 4 Life 4 years ago from Florida

      Sleep is important for people of all professionals. It is definitely important if you want to be productive....Great Hub. Thanks