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Perceptions impressions

Updated on November 5, 2012

Surveying perceptions

redefining conceptions

oscillating, isolating, back and forth ..

"Nice swing!" intervening between ...

an image ... interacting, monitoring

that physical residing with, within, without-

"I'm a tourist here" ...

sapped in, sucked in

this terrestrial-terminal

waiting for you, voyager ...

amidst the veils of this

benevolence of biology ...

You're luminous. You partaker, partaking ...

All that forming and gestating

in that experience, watching for

the oncoming traffic,

that frequency, bold and

spilling over, clothed for the processional -

"Nice touch!"

Spiraling, clustering, swirling on ...

the edges of that ethereal scaffold -

I'm digging my heels in

to old concepts, still

generating, intent, sometimes

slumbering into those facets.

Reaching out for that climax -

those one-dimensional flickering movements ...

"All those idols to behold"

Stepping stones across the stream ...

That consciousness, floundering

on the shores of some

positive, negative push and pull explanation ...

A laughing magnet, "Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Playing, splashing at the heavens, me

gathering within that divinity, that landmark ...

stripped of assurances, landing a little -

Naked and leaping - trying to

confiscate an identity just long enough to

siphon that off at the root.

That's a damn old paradigm -

And, thoughts to analyze, but changed

to extend outward, auditing

ultrafine impressions,

melodies, dazzling, penetrating

beyond indifference.

That polarity, unfolding ...

Desirous of conditions,

while composing

in this, humbled, undernourished, though,

relatively sustainable incarnation ...

Always wondering: "Where ya been?"

Awaiting that graceful, beautiful, symmetry.

Arriving so gradually

Stepping above resolutions, recognized ...

How many hundreds, thousands of

years required, revolutions ...

Pressure, pressure, pressures, repressed!

In the company of what wills this ...

Evokes the next order of business.


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