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How To Improve English Writing Skill

Updated on August 9, 2016

The necessity of improve English writing skills is very important in our life. For Write letter to Other Country or English Friend or Relative, take Any English language test like ‘IELTS’ or writing a blog in English And many other reasons A person Must need To improve English writing skills. By working hard anyone can improve his/her writing skills on English.

Now I explain some advice for Improving

1.. Write in English Regularly

By thinking of a topic you can begin it, for example write a dairy regularly about your everyday work, write some little number of line and make small story by your any kind of imagination. At first it may hard, but by continue doing it will become easier.

2.. You can use Dictionary, by using dictionary you can easily translate to English language from your mother language, Moreover you can know other similar word. Nowadays , in digital world dictionary almost Cost Free.

3. You should Constantly read it After write something in

English . When you read it Repeatedly, you will obviously see Some little mistakes that you didn’t notice when it was being written by you. You keep it mind to check the spelling, grammar and vocabulary . It is vastly neccery if you are planning to take an English language examination .

4. you would be very bored If you write about the common topics every day, to search different subject to write It is a very good idea and it will help to extend your vocabulary. Writing about somewhat you watched on TV Or read in a magazine is a nice starting point.

5. your educator may gives you writing homework to do. If you have any classe at an English language college or school, It is mostly necessary that you do all your

homework as your educator knows your stage of English and will be able to give you good suggestion on which parts of writing you need to improve most (e.g. vocabulary, spelling, grammar).

6. Firstly you motivate your friends about the importanance of learning English. And then Discuss With their about it. you should expressly practise your writing with them . By social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.), sending emails, writing text messages, chatting on Skype and many other purpose you can do it. The greatest thing about writing to the person who are also learning English as a result you can correct and discuss each other’s mistakes!

It’s easy to decide not to do any English writing as you are

worried that you will make lots of mistakes. However, the more

you write and get your writing corrected, the fewer mistakes you

will make!


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