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In a Box Beneath My Bed: A Poem

Updated on June 10, 2012

In a Box Beneath My Bed

In a box beneath my bed

I stowed away my heart

Where no one can ever find it

Or tear it apart

It’s not an easy life to live

To shrink away and hide

But through the worst of my agony

I know I’ll stay alive


This was another one of my experiments with writing really short poems. When I first started writing poetry, I wrote very long, almost epic poems about love and darker subjects. I kind of feel like going for shorter poems that can tell the same amount of material in fewer words is a honing of the skill of writing poetry, in a way. It also has a very unique feel to it when I write short poems. It kind of feels more like a concept than a poem. My brain kind of takes in the whole idea of it rather than focusing on individual stanzas or lines. The only thing I remember about this specific poem is that I wrote it after listening to a Taylor Swift song, in which one of the lyrics is 'in a box beneath my bed.' Sometimes I'll take a lyric from a song and just think about it and add my own story to it.


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