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In A Manner Of Speaking- Poetry

Updated on December 29, 2013

In a manner of speaking
we pretend we've won
we feel we have to win
someone has to lose
it's madness that takes over the world.

In a manner of speaking
we agree with an abusive nature
we accept the nonsense
sacrifice your own mind
to bring happiness for an abuser.

In a manner or speaking
Love reminds us of the most beautiful words
tell me about the peace in the soul
speak of the unity that brings people together
let me hear forgiveness wins over hatred.

In a manner of speaking
we can make up excuses to justify
the pain we cause another
we can dance in the perimeters of hatred
dance in the corridors of money and greed
and we can pretend it doesn't murder
our brother.

In a manner of speaking
Happiness comes never this way
death brings sadness
silence says it all in the end
the solitary moment
shutting off the noise of the world
the last tune of and abuser
silenced forever
this will be the best written song ever.

In a manner of speaking
we must ingore how we feel
no one cares anyway
blatant with their harsh authoritarian ways
so many useless words
arrows that pierce the heart over and over.

In a manner of speaking
In angry words a gun fires
blood sprawls on the ground
we justify our collective responsibility
we teach war at a high price
when someone loses another one
of the world's lovers.


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