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In An Arrow Shirt And A heart Laced Blouse.

Updated on January 11, 2010


In An Arrow Shirt, And A Heart Laced Blouse.



Let us abandon all the wrong places,
and seek out the perfect spots
for two to bask beneath cupid's wings.
Perhaps each of your earlobes,
suckled like pacifiers as I whisper
sensuous promises of many more
poetic endearments between breaths.

Then on to your eyelids, closing as
I kiss them with the gentleness of
a fluttering butterfly, while our fingers
become twenty entwined.

Soon I will follow that sweet scent,
that is only shared by you,
to the nape of your neck,
and tease you with warm, wet
partings of my lips on your skin.

Later we shall explore the spaces
found between two sets of lips,
slowly, melding together enjoying
all of the sensation of passionate kisses,
long, long minutes immersed
in the liquid warmth of your grasp.

Fingers will explore and linger,
near the boundaries of something more,
respecting the newness of two.
savoring what could come later,
in slow circles, and gentle presses,
on all the zones that sit adjacent
to the paradise of the flesh.

I will leave you with Godiva chocolates,
fully dressed,  though your hair will be unbound
and tickling my cheeks as we reluctantly
rise from the soft couch that cradled us.

We will take forever to say goodbye,
it is not a fond word to new lovers,
but soon enough I will turn my back
on the breathless joy of you whispering
of happier Valentine's Days to come.







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