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In Case You Are Interested

Updated on February 4, 2013

Everyday, I walk with a checklist--well, I am not really holding a paper or whatsoever but this list is on my mind. It's not a checklist for the things I have to buy in the grocery or supermarket but a checklist for the characteristics of the man of my wildest ever boring dreams.

Every girl in the world wants to find their better half. Every girl deserves to be loved and respected. Most of the girls have this "common ideal man". I do not know if this ideal man exists here on Earth or in planet Kepler but, I would like to say cheers to those who have found him at the bottom of the deepest sea or at the top of Mount Everest because I haven't found him yet but if I have, I will imprison him and that's certain!

My ideal man is not every girl's dream guy--not the typical boyfriend material like Zayn Malik, Adam Levine, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Hayden Christensen, Josh Duhamel, Jonathan Bennett, Tom Kaulitz and any man who makes girls say, "IT'S GETTING HOT IN HERE".

But one thing is for sure--he does exist! And these are his characteristics:

1. He's not too vain.

I'm not saying that vanity makes a man gay but you already know that too much is too bad. It's alright if he wants to look presentable and good every time, but I do not want him to be putting facial creams, face powder, astringent etc. just like other guys that I know. I want him to be naturally beautiful.

2. He's not a narcissist.

Oh, curse those guys who love their face more than anything and anybody else! Taking pictures everywhere every second, every hour and every day.

3. He's nice only to me.

Most girls are attracted to bad boys and I will be so hypocrite if I would say I am not. I want a man who is nice to me. I do not care if he is bad to everybody but me.

4. He's not a writer but a reader.

I do not want a man who is a writer because writers are romantic and they know how to argue. But, i want a man who is a reader so if the world doesn't want to read my works then he will.

5. He's bitter sweet.

I find sweetness cheesy-- it's like baby sitting each other. I don't need a baby sitter and I don't want to be a baby sitter as well.

6. He's a funny guy.

I mean, funny because he has a sense of humor not a funny face, of course. I am serious sometimes so I would love to have someone who can brighten up my day.

7. He's a realist.

If he would be a prince, it's alright if we live in a world of fairy tale but fantasy doesn't exist on Earth. I want him to say what I NEED to hear not what I WANT to hear.

8. He's tall, dark and never mind?

Who wouldn't fall for a man with a sun-kissed skin and with a height of a basketball player? It's fine if he is just tall and dark but, it's better if he would be oh, so handsome though I know that dreaming of having a oh, so handsome man is already a fantasy.

9. He's not that into me.

Possessiveness kills. I want him to act as if he's not that into me though deep in his heart he cares and respects me a lot. I don't want to be so sure that he is in love with me. I want to doubt and be challenged sometimes.

10. He has brown eyes.

Among the 5 senses of a human, the eyes are my most favorite. For me, eyes are the most beautiful asset of each and everyone of us. I want to look at them for hours without being jaded. Brown eyes are the best for me because they look sincere and angelic.

There you have it. I do not care if you are not interested to know about my ideal man. Well, who's interested with my life, right? I am so young and those characteristics maybe just a dream of an immature young lady. But I am not dreaming of a handsome prince, a rock star, a pop star, an actor or a model because I know I was so awake when I was writing this one.



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    • Valorie Esquilona profile imageAUTHOR

      Valorie Esquilona 

      5 years ago from Philippines

      thanks for your comment Miss Mactavers!

    • mactavers profile image


      5 years ago

      May you find your soul mate very soon.


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