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In Contempt of a Nation-Phase I-The Jester's Case Before the King of the Land

Updated on July 6, 2012
"Stand up and take the reins...Gird up your loins...little puppy...there will be pains!" The Court Jester...with perhaps a little help from Merlin...tells a story of a future nation...and he has a lot to say about it.
"Stand up and take the reins...Gird up your loins...little puppy...there will be pains!" The Court Jester...with perhaps a little help from Merlin...tells a story of a future nation...and he has a lot to say about it.
Verdict Rendered: "In Contempt of a Nation!"
Verdict Rendered: "In Contempt of a Nation!"

The Jester Addresses the King's Court on Future Events in a Future Land:


In Contempt of a Nation: (My Thoughts on Politicians at large):

Phase I: (The Jester’s Case: Spoken before the King of the Land)

You make the laws that you take away,

You have an idea, and the working class has to pay,

You go to fight a war, so that we can lose,

You would prefer that we didn’t have to vote or chose,

You think you are someone to be admired,

Look around you, your Nation’s on fire,

You make promises you can’t even keep,

And we let you keep doing it because we’re asleep,

You “P.C.” us to death, and if that wasn’t all,

You stand by idle, and watch a Minneapolis Bridge fall.

On our way home...Two Washington D.C. Rail Cars collide...

Who is looking out for us...If we can't even take a subway ride ?

A huge Southern city lies in waste…Two Twin Towers are gone,

Yet, you babble on like nothing is wrong,

We need less talk and a lot more action,

But, you can hardly muster up any reaction,

The government controls smoking and taxes,

And stands by and watches oil…and insurance smoke all our _sses,

Then, does nothing about the law of the land,

Where an immigrant is welcome here…if he sticks to our plan,

And does very little to protect us on our own border,

While you politicians stay busy talking…it’s all chaos…it’s all out of order,

That’s today, by the way…at this moment in time,

Get off your fat rear ends, and help tow the line,

You’re in office for a reason,

The way some of you act…you should be brought up for treason,

I am your brother, and I work hard,

I pay my taxes, and mow my yard,

My son even went off to war,

Back when everyone thought it was right…but that was before,

I have stood for you…and that’s no lie,

I would stand by my American brother until I die,

So, what’s wrong with you…didn’t you take an oath!

You can’t lie and be treated admirably…you can’t have both!

Or was that more hot air out of your big mouth,

You have a gift for speech…so unite us East, West, North, and South!

Stand up and take the reins,

Gird up your loins…little puppy…there will be pains!

I’m waiting to see if you have what it takes,

Although some of you should be given pink slips…after all your mistakes.

And quit making promises outside of our borders,

Only a fool would do something like that when his house is not in order,

You’re signing checks for us…that you can’t pay and we’re not able,

You’re bluffing when all the cards are already out on the table,

Go back home, and play in your own little corporation,

Before you are tried and found in Contempt of a Nation!

(Quick Bow to lots of Applause)

[“This is not intended for those courtroom politicians that try to make a difference!” mumbles the Jester…still in command of his royal audience…preparing to take it up a notch in the next phase.]


True Definition of the word Contempt =

(*) con⋅tempt   /kənˈtɛmpt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [kuhn-tempt] Show IPA

–noun 1. the feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean, vile, or worthless; disdain; scorn.2. the state of being despised; dishonor; disgrace.3. Law. a. willful disobedience to or open disrespect for the rules or orders of a court (contempt of court) or legislative body.b. an act showing such disrespect.

(*) As the definition reads on


Make Sure and Read the Phase II to this Poem (also on Hub Pages) by Manly Poetry Man ...As the Jester Pleads his Case Once More to the King...Only this Time: Turbo-Charged! (Better Believe that...The Jester is only getting warmed-up in Phase I...)


 Copyright © 2009  All Rights Reserved

Be Sure to Read the Next Poem to this Tale:

In Contempt of a Nation-Phase II-The Jester Restates the Same Case Only This Time: Turbo-Charged!


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  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from (Texas !) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    Welcome to the Hubs, jimmymackk.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    new to the hub just trying to make it work


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