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In Contempt of a Nation-Phase II-The Jester Restates the Same Case Only This Time: Turbo-Charged!

Updated on July 6, 2012
"The perplexities…of so many complexities...        From all the aristocracies…passed down through all our histories…" The Jester prepares to drive the point his King...this time in Turbocharge Mode!
"The perplexities…of so many complexities... From all the aristocracies…passed down through all our histories…" The Jester prepares to drive the point his King...this time in Turbocharge Mode!
Verdict Re-Affirmed: "In Contempt of a Nation!"
Verdict Re-Affirmed: "In Contempt of a Nation!"

The Jester Restates His Case Before The King After A Dramatic Pause...


Extra Poetry Bonus Round for: In Contempt of a Nation:

Phase II: (The Jester: Pronounces the Same Case…Only this time: Turbo-Charged!):

The perplexities…of so many complexities,

From all the aristocracies…passed down through all our histories…

Has stayed with us for an eternity…

And left nothing but mediocrity,

As the unquestionable legacy.

But I find that the biggest deficiency,

Is not from hard working people like you and me.

The biggest error in our own humanity,

Is that we feel we can trust our own government entity,

To care for us, and protect our identity,

To help ensure our general welfare, and provide for our personal safety.

But for us…they seem to have no sympathy.

And in any study of behavioral group psychology,

You will always inevitably see,

That power corrupts…and succumbs to being greedy,

Almost in every case…flawlessly.

Absolute power and greed will ultimately…

Strangle the ideals that enable us to be free,

And keep the ones that work so hard…dependant and needy.

So…I say with all hope…and in all honesty,

Let’s raise our flag back up…that is strong in our ideology,

As we say a prayer…after taking a knee,

We’ll remove from office, the ones that are constantly,

Cutting through the framework, and acting suspiciously.

For more than a biblical generation…I’ve seen politicians acting contemptuously.

Never accomplishing anything with any diligent purpose or efficiency.

Imposing new ways to bind up our present liberty…

This is my country… give me back my democracy!

And if you can’t find a way to exit the stage gracefully,

After we have hinted, and requested for you to do so very politely,

Then we will have you escorted to the door by "Security",

And be rid of you…finally!

Don’t worry there’s plenty of people that can do your job…even temporarily,

So…don’t sit there and act like you alone…hold the key!

Besides we could use some fresh faces and new blood…truthfully,

Anything would be better than how you ran things…previously.

And the first order of business will be…

To get rid of all the damn “over-burdened” bureaucracy,

Hey…it is way over due for a change…Baby!

Let us bring everything up to speed…to the 21rst century!

The future is not ours to see…

But one thing we know with all certainty…

That Men have the power to shape their own destiny…

And I know it will be better with out your hands in it…definitely.

So Get Out…and go back to your own corporation…PERMANENTLY!

I’m not threatening any kind of anarchy…

I know we can resolve all our problems peacefully,

But nothing has changed while I waited patiently,

So…it’s time to take action…immediately!

We can fix the big issues…if we all work together, collectively.

And then start to all work together, continually.

With a change of the guards…the future would look great for our country,

And help our children to live here… magnificently!

Their future is what matters most to me…

So…all you old fossils in Washington D.C.

Take your paws off the wheel…and step away quietly!

It’s time for a new breed to clean up your catastrophe,

And chart a new course away from your incompetency…

The court has determined it’s ruling, after hearing your plea,

And concerning the charge for Contempt of a Nation against you…Your Majesty,

You have been tried and found unfit…for anymore political office duty!

(Dramatic Pause)

Thus, concludes my poem of future events for you….My King...I must inform…Sadly...

Concerning this Future Great Land across the Sea…What does thou think of soliloquy?

[The Court Jester bows, long and humbly…hat in hand…then exits stage right…while the King applauds wildly… boisterously…and thoroughly confused as to what his lyrical Court Jester just said!]


The End of the Jester's Case...But the Jester Still has Much to Say...Stay Tuned!


Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved

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