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Life Worth Living Poems, Surviving A Heart Attack

Updated on September 18, 2012

Star Light


Shining Bright

I wish I may, I wish I might,

what a scary, terrible fright.

this prayer I say with a knowing,

that your shining light,

for us is glowing.

While we trust the recovery

While we trust the surgery

While we trust the doctors and nurses

To relieve the pain and suffering of stressful living.

As we protest the packaged products that are given way too much preservatives.

Is this really the proud world we want to live in?

Where stress and heart attacks and cancer are the given?

Even when we do the healthy living? Not so, when we have no garden growing.

Yes it begins with you and me. Stop living out of boxes, eat fresh, get to weeding, hoeing.

But it would surely help, can't you see? It is not like this in other countries.

They eat the food fresh from the vine, relaxing with candles and a little wine.

If those who mass marketed these things to eat, should think about our life on this planet.

Go, make products that are really good for us, instead of this mighty buck, fast track living.

Industrialization has met its match when our hearts no longer runs without a patch.

Sun Star Light

Whispering Trees Thankful He's Alive
Whispering Trees Thankful He's Alive | Source


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