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In Silence

Updated on January 13, 2011


Have you ever had a relationship end because of misunderstanding?If so you may know that talking,listening and understanding are the keys to maintaining a good relationship.In a society and culture where it is becoming the norm to Throw away a spouse,mate or friend it is no wonder we are losing the art of communication.Most of us have been hurt by someone and have a hard time opening up and expressing our feelings.Seems like we have created our own culture of defeat.Trust, open expression of feelings and communication are the only way to build a good relationship.

In Silence is a description of my own personal struggle to be open and honest to a friend I have hurt.We had what I thought was a good friendship.After our first argument and misunderstanding there seems to be a wall of silence between us.

In Silence

In silence without words

I need to say,I wish I heard

With words our friendship brought to waste

Without thought words said in haste

In silence now without words

I want to say,I wish you heard

With words said misunderstood

Speak my feelings wish I could

In silence now without words

Are there words you wish I heard

With your heart have you forgave

Our friendship do you wish to save

In silence now you have not heard

Let me now speak the words

Words to heal the wounds and pain

Or has our friendship been in vain

In silence without words

Nothing said nothing heard

Without words our friendship fades away

In silence without words the price we pay


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    • tnderhrt23 profile image

      tnderhrt23 8 years ago

      Thought-provoking HuB! I have walked away from more than one "friend" over communication issues or lack there of...It is a sad thing. Thanks!