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In The Death Throes Of Love.

Updated on March 7, 2010


In the death throes of love.    

Empty soul,

shuddered to intrusion,
wounded beyond

any gentle touch,
immersed in saline,

a slow drip
that will  help it

heal over time,
vacant of hope,

it sits imprisoned
in a rib cage

of despair,
once it flew free

with another
sailing the skies

to paradise,
now just

a tight knot,
curled into

a fetal position
it strangles

the heart,

is labored,
sobs interfere,
and the phone

is a silent enemy
each ring shrill

and sharp,
like the words

"I am leaving you...
I just don't feel

the same way anymore."
Jangle, Jangle, jangle,
just a jive

jerkwater sales call,
and then the silence

of sorrow to suckle,
night falls like a

wet wool blanket
over the empty

husk of flesh
taking up only one

side of the bed,
while the

other mocks
the space left

between two apart
thst monstrous

gap between
two hearts

set asunder.







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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      "I am leaving you...I just don't feel the same way anymore."

      I lie here prostrate on the floor.

      Wishing to arise no more.

      I quote Poe's Raven, nevermore.

      All because my phone doesn't say "I love you, anymore".