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In The Eyes Of His Storm.

Updated on January 30, 2010

In the eyes of his storm.

A sudden storm

lashes the earth,

near my personal space,

almost as if the

eyes of God closed

to blot out the summer day,

under the gray mane

of his ancient head.

Almost as if he

was weary of seeing

the revelers below,

frolicking merrily on

one side of the planet,

in summer splendour,

while men died

on the other side

under the thunder of a surge,

of insurgents

deadly bursts.

Huge rumbles, ramble

beneath green, blackish,

whirling, cotton candy skies

as the flash of

electrical discharges,

spike a far off tree to ash.

The power flickers like a

lightning bug hitting

a car windshield,

and I hold my

breath knowing

that being powerless

is akin to being blind, and

technologically crippled.

Much like the

ill equipped,

and blindsided soldiers

being ambushed

in foreign wars.

Congress and the Senate

mumble about staying or

withdrawing almost eight

years after the fact

More worried about where

Obama was born or what

Obama isn't doing to please them

or where he will try the

terorist then any of the troops

that are getting their genitals

and faces blown off.


Republicans crying about abortion

after their leader Dumbya aborted

thousands of young men and women

in a preempted false pretensed

slash across Iraq.

Diddling around with health care

when their own returning Vets

suffer from the lack of it.

What the hell ever happened

to " R e t r e a t ! "

when the generals realized

a space could no longer be

occupied without devasting losses,

and so they just up and left.


Eight years is more then long

enough time to call retreat.

And who will be the last

unfortunate son or father

to fall over there?


Maybe God should lash out

Washington's way.

Maybe a sudden fear

of their own deaths

would teach them

the value of preservation

teach them how to retreat

and open our leaders closed eyes,

that deny the storms raging

all around these ill conceived

so called umbrellas of security,

that are taking two or

more lives daily.

Alas God gave them free will

and many more men

and women will die

before we all will be free

of two futile wars.


Soon enough

darkness descends,

much like the

bleak shroud of death

that claimed

today's poor souls.

My T.V. casts a silent, pale

face powerless but

spouting no lies in my

range of hearing,

as the storms

rumble on like

unarmored Humvees

facing the blasts

that are still due ahead.

As we approach 4,500 dead and tens of thousands maimed forever.

Support our troops...DEMAND they be brought home soon!




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