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In The Moment

Updated on November 17, 2015

Am I lying tho?

In this moment, there is a sense of hope, fulfillment, calm and Accomplishment. All doubts and dark cloudy times, when it rained and all seemed gloomy, the distance traveled, the sunsets, lonely nights and unwinding breakfast mornings with all that’s left but a portrait on a big white wall with a picture of what used to be, memories brought to life, kisses in the rain, morning bike rides, vacations and days that felt like they were never ending.

The clear orange skies that gave way to the hollow dark night as it swallowed all evidence of what had been yet another day. Lonely nights became a custom. He had never thought that there would be times like this, always the glamorous and adventures, ever so loving and open to new ideas. Developing such a believable character in him, a dreamer spirit whom never backed down from a challenge no matter how vigorous it seemed. The social demeanor succumbed by what people thought of him.

The fantasies he had and dreams of one day getting to live the life he had so hoped for, becoming the best at his craft whichever it was, a man of so many beliefs an oracle that bloomed within his inner being but no one to share all this ideas and greatness with but just marvel at what lay within him and wonder how possible to manifest all the talent, thinking of a better way to make himself visible in a world full of greatness, in a world where you could be whatever you put your mind to but at the same time not be outspoken, where you opinion mattered but never was taken into consideration, where only means of survival were on other people but there always seemed to lack the presence of someone when needed.

Where social technology, destroyed all forms of socialism infact catalyzed in the making of a generation of fools with smart phones. Facts are nevertheless but a moral of conduct, ever since his early ages, he was a dreamer, he envisioned how he would like his future to be, and every night, staring out at the stars and thinking to himself in all those gazillions of shining marvelous sparkle, why did one stand out? They all had the power to do so, why was one just so gloriously brighter than the rest? What qualities did it possess that the other stars did not have.

In life, we are bombarded by so many ups and downs we are the stars of our own universe but challenges and beatings bring us down, we become a product of what society intends us to be rather than what we initially want to be, the power within us to distinctively decide to be who we want fades and within that second, our shine for a greater good disappears and we forget what lies ahead of us. Natural circumstances might be influential but we have the capability to channel the most impossible thoughts and outcomes than we can imagine at any given time, see the secret he discovered was, 30 blissful seconds of quietness and self thought, unlocked a whole new meaning to inner calmness. The trick is not to smile with your mouth wide open, but rather close your eyes and let your mind wander, breath heavily in and out, pumping blood into your heart and oxygen into your strong upheld lungs.

Life is a precious gift that deserves to be celebrated every second of the day, every breath away, you are consumed by an overwhelming sense of belonging and truth, there once was an old man that said ‘‘you become the product of what your daily imagination feeds you. Keep it consistent and watch it turn into a reality

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