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The Pain

Updated on September 26, 2016

“I've been speechless a lot”

was all that he said

and I felt the weight of his Pain

as memories crashed in my head

and helplessly I knew there was nothing anyone could do

because that's what grief is

it's all your own

no one can share it

you do it alone

and oh, how I know, how speechless he is - the fear and confusion, and how nothing makes sense

and they'll tell him they're sorry

and they'll tell him they're there

they'll tell him, "time heals"...

yeah... he doesn't really care

and what can I tell him? I don't really know... words torn from the Pain that lives deep in my soul?

and my words might seem cruel

because how do I explain?

that the only way to do it

is to sit in the Pain

and so I whisper... "be brave - it's all you can do, the Pain needs to wrack your body right through

and as time passes by

it's power will go

it will get weary of hurting

and retreat to your soul

and that's where it lives, for the rest of your days... powerless - but there, a bittersweet stain

and then

when you remember, my friend,

what used to bring tears

will bring smiles in the end

and when you see huddles of gulls on the beach, chase them and scatter them far out of reach"


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    • Josaji profile image

      Jim 3 years ago from Cascadia

      Thank you