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In The Spirit World - Chapter 12

Updated on September 17, 2015

There’s Something About the Little Princess

“Gayon and the warriors are looking for her in the plantation now. I stayed here to watch out for you…”

The birdmen came back to report that they had not seen Encanta from above. They also searched the nearby forest but they did not find her.

“How did she disappear?” Agawe asked.

“I don’t know… no one noticed …” Ayong began to explain.

Just then, Gayon came marching back with Encanta in tow. The warriors walked behind them.

Ayong ran to meet them. “Encanta… where were you?”

“We found her inside the plantation…” Gayon reported, “talking to someone…” He looked at the young princess with suspicion.

Encanta walked past Ayong without speaking and marched straight to Agawe, “I am alright… I just want to be alone…” She sat motionless on the grass.

Agawe sighed. “We have to go now…

The Burning Lava

“This sea of molten rocks is the last thing standing between us and freedom,” Atina declared. It was agreed that she fly up first and Nibor would send more birdmen for her warriors. At first, she refused to leave her warriors behind.

“If you stay with your warriors here… there is a chance Nibor might forget to send his men down. If you are up there, you can bully him to keep his promise,” a smirk curled at the edges of Gayon’s mouth.

Her warriors agreed. “The man is right, Atina… and we trust that you will not leave us here for long…”

“I’ll see you all up there,” Atina said as she flew up with Laidan.

Ayong, Gayon, and Agawe soared up, each on top of a black bird while Encanta rode on Nibor’s back. As they crossed the wide sea of lava, a group of Colugo suddenly appeared and descended on them, gliding swiftly. Agawe quickly pulled his sword and cut the colugo in two. Gayon and Ayong successfully thwarted the flying lemurs’ assault with their swords. Atina struck down the colugo who attacked her and Laidan.

Agawe was alarmed when Nibor turned back and was horrified when he realized that Nibor was chasing a colugo which had Encanta in its claws.

“Encanta!!” Agawe screamed as he ordered Limbas to follow Nibor. Ayong, Gayon, and Laidan joined the chase.

“Agaweee…..” Encanta cried as the colugo glided down to the molten rock.

The colugo will drop Encanta into the lava, Agawe thought with panic.

He jumped from Limbas’ back in time to attach himself to the colugo’s foot and to grab Encanta’s hand. The colugo howled shaking his foot to drop them.

Nibor swooped down and carefully attached his claws around Encanta’s small waist, “Let go…!” he yelled to Agawe.

As Limbas came soaring for Agawe, the colugo quickly dived into the burning lava taking Agawe with him.

Agawe heard the screams from above as his body was jolted by the burning sensation of the volcanic lava.

The next thing he knew, he was lying on a flat rock surrounded by fire but he was not burning. He felt he was one with the fire. He was at peace and calmed. Then the rock pushed forward and carried him past the burning sea of lava, up until he saw the sky and he saw Laidan heaving the rock up with all of his remaining power.

He saw the shock on Atina’s face. He heard Ayong’s scream of anguish and Gayon’s cry of agony. Encanta was inconsolable as she cried. He wanted to tell Encanta not to cry because the rain would make it harder for them to fly out of the volcano.

Laidan pulled his lifeless body from the rock into Nibor’s back. Laidan held his body as Nibor flew in the air. Agawe sat next to his motionless body. He screamed Laidan’s name many times but his voice could not be heard.

He remembered Laidan say, “You have the ability to separate your spirit from your body.” He knew then he was not dead. His eyes became heavy and he fell asleep.

Next thing he knew he was hovering over the bed where the Dilikan healers were trying to revive him.

Agawe wanted to find Laidan. He knew Laidan held the answers to his many questions.

He floated away and found himself in a room where Gayon, Ayong, Atina, and Laidan were seated around a long table. He was bothered that Encanta was not with them. Again he felt there was something odd with the little princess.

“How can you be sure that he will live through this, Laidan?” Gayon needed assurance.

“He is not human! I know he is not human or he will not survive this!” Atina was hysterical.

“There is only one answer…” Ayong exclaimed, “the Diwata Queen! She saved Agawe from the lava… Agawe will live!”

The door burst open and everyone jumped, “He is alive!” the old Dilikan healer announced, “but he is still unconscious…”

“Will he wake up soon?” Laidan asked the healer.

“I can’t say… but he is a strong man… ”

When the healer left, Laidan paced the room, “We have a few days till the eclipse. We need to go to Encantor to return the souls.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Gayon asked.

Laidan sighed, “We need Agawe… we need all three of you … without him, we cannot return the souls…”

The silence in the room was deafening.

Ayong spoke up slowly, “Sayling said when the Buso King discovers the souls are gone, he could kill the girls…”

“Nooo….” Gayon groaned. “We cannot let that happen… we have to do something!”

“Then why don’t we find the girls ourselves…” Atina suggested. “My warriors are raring to find something to do now that they are out of Gimokodan …”

Agawe wanted to hear more but a gentle breeze carried him back to his room.

Encanta's Betrayal

I could try to get back into my body, he thought. He assumed that if he had the ability to separate from his body, then he should be able to get back in.

He saw himself lying peacefully on the bed and went straight for it. He dived into the body but he can’t get in. He tried so many times but failed.

In frustration, he sat on the edge of the bed when the door quietly opened. A figure walked in and slowly approached the bed.

The big round eyes shone as the figure reached out, pulled Agawe’s purple stone necklace from his neck and walked back to the door.

He chased the little thief who ran into the hallway and entered a dimly-lit room. The figure put the necklace inside a black pouch while Agawe hovered above.

The figure went to the balcony, stood there looking up the dark sky, clutching the black pouch. Agawe heard the rain before he realized the little thief was crying.

He wanted to scream but the rain would only drown his impossible-to-hear voice. He stared at the form in front of him.

You are not doing the right thing, Encanta, Agawe thought sadly.

The little princess turned and Agawe wondered if she heard him. Or did she read his mind?

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© 2015 Virgo908


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