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In The Spirit World - Chapter 13

Updated on September 17, 2015

Return to Encantor Kingdom

Agawe woke up and stared into the faces of Laidan, Gayon, Ayong, and Nibor. The first thing he wanted to do was to scream, “Where is Encanta?!” but his lips refused to move and his head hurt too much.

He sat up to sip herb concoctions of different colors and taste. The green liquid was bitter, the orange was tangy, the brown had a woody taste, and the pink tasted flowery. He had to finish each cup until his head no longer hurt and his lips moved when he tried to speak.

“This is another miracle, Agawe…” Ayong was ecstatic. “The healers said it might take long before you wake up… but here you are…”

“Have you seen … Encanta?” Agawe asked with difficulty.

“She’s been in her room since we came back. She did not want to come out,” Ayong said. “She’s worried about her parents…”

Agawe looked around, “Atina… her warriors?” he asked hoarsely.

“They are searching for the girls,” Gayon replied. “I wanted to go with them but we need to return the souls…”

Agawe struggled to get up. “Laidan… we need to go to Encantor immediately…”

“Adi… are you sure…?” Ayong’s voice was thick with concern.

“I have to… we cannot waste more time…”

“Agawe… I know you are still weak but we have to do this… we have to return the souls. I’m sure by this time the Buso King already knows he lost them.”

“Don’t worry about me… let us prepare to take Encantor back from Buso King…” Agawe assured them he was alright but something deep inside worried him.

Agawe, Gayon, Ayong, and Laidan rode the chestnut horses at high speed while Nibor flew over them. They followed a long, winding road surrounded by rolling hills. They saw the EncantorKingdom from the highest hill. It was surrounded by a tall, thick stone wall. From the hill they had to cross a wide plain of dry land to reach the wall. They were half-way across when buso-animals appeared around the kingdom.

Laidan signaled them to stop as he brought his horse to a halt. “I expected the buso-animals to guard the kingdom but I did not expect this many… ”

They were looking at hundreds of bull-headed monsters with hairy bodies and black horns jutting out of their temples. Agawe could see they carried huge clubs with spikes sticking out of them.

“Are they going to attack us?” Gayon asked.

Agawe moved his horse forward and as he expected, the monsters moved forward in unison. He stopped and the monsters stood still. “They attack when we move…”

“We cannot get inside,” Laidan observed, “we are grossly outnumbered…”

Ayong asked Laidan, “Can you not use your power and shot them with your fingers…?”

“I am not strong enough… I will have to use whatever is left of my power to take us inside….”

As Nibor landed next to them, Agawe exclaimed, “Nibor can fly us inside, Laidan!”

They all jumped on Nibor’s back. The monsters made horrible sounds and rushed to attack them. As the bird lifted off, the spiky clubs rained upon them which Nibor skillfully avoided. They were over the palace courtyard when a strong wind pushed them up and away from the walled kingdom. Nibor struggled against the formidable current but it was a losing battle. The fierce wind was pushing them down the waiting monsters.

All of a sudden, the strong wind stopped lashing at them. It gave in to a more gentle breeze which propelled Nibor to fly up and back into the interior of EncantorKingdom.

Agawe turned to see Laidan on his feet, his hands raised to push the strong wind away from Nibor’s path.

“Agawe… tell Nibor to land in the middle of the courtyard!” he yelled.

The Encantor Men

As Nibor landed on the marble ground of the courtyard, Laidan’s knees buckled and he crumpled on Nibor’s back. They quickly carried Laidan down. Nibor transformed, propping the weak Laidan against him while he kneeled on the ground.

Laidan fished the crystal ball from the bag he’d been carrying and brought it out in his closed fist. He weakly put his hand up and as he opened his palm, he uttered, “Now!”

Agawe, Gayon, and Ayong pulled out their swords and in a second, the crystal which floated in the air was covered in layers of red, blue and lilac light.

Agawe remembered that ‘blue and red combined makes purple’ so it did not surprise him when after a second the crystal was covered in one deep dark purple light.

The crystal shattered and its pieces fell to the ground. As Agawe, Gayon, and Ayong kept their swords up, the purple light became bigger and from it thin wisps of smoke came out, floated momentarily in the air and vanished into the nooks and cranny of the kingdom.

When the purple light went off, Agawe’s arm dropped to his side in exhaustion.

“Adi… are you alright?” Ayong massaged his own arm after he sheathed his sword.

“You are still weak, Agawe…” Gayon said with apprehension.


They all turned to Nibor who was shaking the unresponsive Laidan.

It was then that Agawe heard the horrible growling. They were surrounded by hundreds of bull-headed monsters who glared at them with their small, beady eyes.

Agawe held his sword firmly as he looked at Gayon and Ayong who were determined to fight it out. The monsters were not waiting this time, they stalked forward menacingly. With the monsters’ every step, the space between them and the ogres became smaller and smaller.

“Nibor… can you fly Laidan out of here?”

“I can’t leave you here, Agawe… I’ll fly all of us out!”

“By the time you transform, they’ll be upon us…” Agawe’s voice was without emotion.

“Fly out and get help!” Gayon snapped.

“And come back as soon as you can!” Ayong added.

As Nibor hesitated, Agawe heard a faint sound in the air and to his amazement, men in white appeared between them and the monsters.

The Encantors, Agawe thought.

Agawe couldn’t even begin to describe how he felt. He saw relief written all over the faces of Gayon and Ayong.

As the battle ensued, more men appeared. “You have to come with us to the palace where it’s safe… follow us,” they ordered as they took Laidan and floated off. At least Agawe thought they floated instead of walked. They followed the men and ran inside the huge palace.

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© 2015 Virgo908


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