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In The Spirit World - Chapter 17

Updated on September 18, 2015

King Daniyan’s Story

“I am glad to see that you are well, King Daniyan,” Agawe greeted after he bowed to the king.

“I owe it all to you, Agawe… my kingdom and my power is restored because of you…” The king stood up from his golden throne.

I did not do it alone, King Daniyan… I had help…” Agawe could not keep his eyes off the red banner behind the throne. It’s embossed with a golden crown and a lightning bolt running through it. It was the same image Gayon found on his back.

The king motioned Agawe to follow him as he walked to the open balcony. King Daniyan stood looking down and Agawe took in the breath-taking garden below.

“Agawe… I am sure you wonder why you were chosen to do a task that is beyond human endurance…”

“Yes… King Daniyan… I am tortured with so many questions.

“Agawe… I will answer your questions but first … let me tell you a story…”

Agawe was all ears.

“Years ago… an Encantor fell in love with a woman… a human,” the king hastily added. “He took her to this kingdom but she was miserable. When she became pregnant, she became more miserable so the Encantor, fearing that she would lose the child if she continued to live here, took her back to your world. But the woman hid from him and he could not find his child…”

Inna Madallay! That is why she sent me away, he thought with uneasiness. I am the child!

But before he could put his thoughts into words, the king continued. “Several years later, we found the woman and her daughter…”

Agawe was stumped, “Daughter…?”

“Yes… the woman and the Encantor had a daughter …”

Agawe heaved a sigh of relief. He was not the child.

“King Daniyan… how can a human hide from the Encantor… how can he not find a powerful child…?”

“Because she was shrouded in evil…”

“She’s evil…?”

“The child is not… the mother was. She wanted to use her daughter’s power for her own gains… at first the daughter obeyed her mother but as she grew up, she defied her mother. She was an Encantor and she hated evil. Her mother married her off to a warrior who had killed so many believing that the killer instinct of the father would pass on to the offspring. The woman wanted to control her daughter’s children.”

“Does that mean that the offspring of the daughter will also have power..?”

“They will be as powerful as their mother…” the king affirmed. “A small drop of Encantor blood in a human will make him or her powerful…”

“So this daughter… she had children of her own?” Agawe was now very interested in the story.

“She had two sons… one of them died.”

“And the living son… his grandmother took him...?” Agawe asked with dread.

The king looked up the sky before he replied, “You could say that the heavens protected the boy from the evil plans of his apo…”

The king took a deep breath and struggled with his breathing. Agawe was concerned. “King Daniyan… are you alright? We could talk some other time…”

“No, Agawe… you need to listen to this now,” he took another deep breath. “It involves your life…”

Agawe’s heart started to pound. He had a feeling he knew how the story would end. “Can you tell me the name of the woman and her daughter?” he asked cautiously.

“The woman’s name is Ayag… and her daughter is…”

“Madallay…” Agawe quietly whispered.

The king nodded.

Agawe felt dazed. “No….” he groaned, “No…!” He had to be sure he heard right, “Inna Madallay is the child of Ayag and the Encantor…?”

The king nodded again.

“Where is this Encantor now…!” Agawe did not know why but he screamed. “Is he here!?”

“Yes…” King Daniyan heaved a long heavy sigh, “I am the Encantor! I am the father of your mother… you are my grandson!”

Agawe shook his head, “No… you’re not my grandfather! I am not Encantor! I am human!!!” he needed to scream to release his pent up emotions. Then he ran away from the king.

The Prince of Encantor

Agawe found himself next to a waterfall. The sound of the water soothed his spirit. He threw pebbles in the water. The revelation took Agawe back to the time his Apo Ugay told him about his real parents… that he was not a slave. How many truths can a man take?

“Agawe… can I sit with you?”

He nodded without looking up. He would recognize Sayling’s voice anywhere, anytime. He threw the pebble in his hand with such force he disturbed the water.

“I understand how you feel…” Sayling started.

“Do you?” Agawe snapped. “Are you human enough to understand?”

Sayling remained quiet.

“I spent my life not knowing who I was. I was a slave… then I was the son of a man who wanted to kill me because I bring him bad luck!” He tried to control his emotions. “Now I am the grandson of … an Encantor!” Agawe screamed.


“Is that why I did not die in the lava…? Why my spirit can leave my body and I can fly and shoot lights from my fingers…? Is that why I did not bleed to death?”

His voice was hoarse from screaming. “I… I forced myself to believe that it was all from the power of the purple stone… I did not want to believe that … I am not human… ” his voice trailed off as he sobbed uncontrollably.

Sayling did not speak until he had calmed down.

“Agawe… it’s true that the purple stone protected you but only up to the point of increasing the power that is already in you. You were born for a higher purpose… to save the world from evil. There is nothing greater than that calling. Why don’t you embrace who you are…?”

“But…that is not what I want…” his voice weak from crying. “I just want to be human, a normal human being … I don’t want power! I don’t want a purple stone! I want what Ayong has when he is with Ingan, when he is with his son! I want to feel what Gayon feels when he is with Addalin….”

He turned to Sayling, “I want to be human… I don’t want to be a spirit…!” he wept.

Sayling sighed sadly.

“Agawe… you are as much human as you are Encantor. You can have what Gayon and Ayong have if you want to… there is someone out there. Humans fall in love with spirits all the time…. and you are only half-Encantor! Agawe… Encantors are the best spirits in this realm. You should be proud… and you are not just an Encantor… you are the Prince of Encantor!”

The Coronation

The coronation proceeded as planned. Everyone important to Agawe stood behind him… Ayong, Gayon, Laidan, Encanta, Atina, and Nibor.

Agawe knelt on one knee as the King stood from his throne. “This is my grandson who will be crowned Prince of Encantor by the Queen of Diwata herself.

The queen is here, Agawe thought excitedly.

He looked up and saw Sayling walking to him. She was dressed in the most magnificent robe of white and gold with an intricate golden crown on her head.

Agawe froze. He did not know what to do. He remembered how he screamed at Sayling at the waterfall.

I screamed at the Queen, he thought. He bowed his head lower. He could not look at her. “I’m sorry Queen Sayling… I did not know…”

“It’s alright, Agawe. I understand.” The Queen picked up the crown from a red and gold velvet pillow held by an Encantor, and gently placed it on Agawe’s head.

“Agawe, Prince of Encantor… from this day on… you will be remembered as the one who restored peace to the underground realm. Your name will be uttered in every Encantor’s lips as the Conqueror of the Buso King together with the names of Gayon, Ayong, Laidan, Atina, Prince Nibor, and Princess Encanta,” the Queen of Diwata proclaimed.

Going Home

“Are you sure you want to leave all these behind?” Atina asked, her eyes sweeping the surroundings. “Palace, gold… everything your heart desires …”

“Not everything, Atina… not everything…” Agawe replied as he shook his head slowly. “How about you? You won’t consider living upground?”

“It’s more of my warriors’ decision than mine… they decided they want to settle here. This is more like Gimokodan where we spent most of our lives. King Daniyan offered us a place in his kingdom.”

“Anytime you want to come upground… you are welcome… maybe we could search for that mabalian who threw you in Gimokodan…”

She chuckled. “Hmmm… that’s an idea. Maybe one day you will see me up there and that mabalian better watch out… if she’s still alive.”

“Agawe… everyone’s ready!” Laidan called out. Agawe waved and nodded.

He looked around and felt the excitement in the air. Everybody was happy to go home. Gayon and Ayong were saying goodbye to Encanta. Addalin and the girls were ready. Nibor’s birdmen were all set to fly everyone upground.

King Daniyan appeared. Atina curtsied with elaborate flourish and excused herself.

Agawe bowed to his grandfather, “King Daniyan… can I talk to you before I go?”

“Of course, Agawe! What is it about?”

“You talked about Apo Ayag’s evil plans and how the heavens protected me… I don’t understand…”

“We found out that when Madallay sent you away to save your life from your father, Ayag intended to find you. She wanted to control your power. But Madallay, without knowing it, saved you from Ayag’s plans as well… when she sent the purple stone with you. The purple stone is the reason Ayag could not find you. It protected you from evil.”

“If she lived longer… she would have found me?”

The king frowned, “Ayag still lives…”

“She does…? But… I heard she killed herself …”

King Daniyan shook his head slowly, “She still lives, Agawe…”

“Agawe..!” Ayong called out.

“He’s so excited to go home,” Agawe explained. He sighed before he said, “It’s time for me to go now. I am sorry I can’t stay …”

“Agawe, wherever you are… you will always be the Prince of Encantor and I am very proud of you.”

“I am at your service as long as I live.” Agawe assured the king.

“And you will always have the protection and loyalty of the Encantors. We are your people and you can count on us.”

“Thank you…” Agawe bowed.

The king bid his grandson goodbye.


After the wedding ceremony, Agawe quietly slipped away from the festivities. No one would probably miss him. Gayon had eyes only for his bride and Ayong, trying to catch up for his absence, was chasing his precocious son around while Ingan watched happily.

Agawe might have protested about being an Encantor but one thing he loved was being able to soar up in the air.

He rose above the trees and soaked up the fresh air which filled his lungs and gave him a lift. He wanted to be free from the indescribable feeling of impending doom that haunted him. He soared higher but his thoughts kept coming back to his conversation with his Inna Madallay the night he came home.

“Agawe… I’m sorry I did not have the courage to tell you about my Encantor father…”

Agawe took a deep breath and let it out, his gaze fixed on his mother. He couldn’t shake the feeling that his Inna Madallay was hiding so much from him.

“Inna… is Apo Ayag alive?”

Madallay’s face lost its color. “Agawe… it’s best we do not talk about such things!”

A clap of thunder stopped Agawe’s thoughts. He decided to get back to the festivities when he felt he was not alone. He turned to see someone watching him from afar. The man quickly disappeared but not before Agawe caught a glimpse of his face, a face with an ominous black mark. A black mark on the face… where did I hear that before? Or am I imagining things?

He shrugged it off and decided it was just his imagination. He dived back to the village to join the celebration of Gayon and Addalin’s wedding.

-The End-

© 2015 Virgo908


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