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In The Spirit World - Chapter 3

Updated on September 16, 2015

Agawe Meets a Diwata

The search that day was in vain. No Gayon, no Addalin, and no girls were found. Agawe was on his horse when he spotted a movement in the trees. He nudged his horse forward and saw a white figure dart from tree to tree. He looked backed and the searchers were at a distance so he decided to chase the figure himself.

When he reached the edge of the forest, Agawe hesitated but decided to proceed. He got down his horse and pursued on foot. He was deep into the forest when he lost the figure.

His frustration was replaced with horror when one by one, there appeared from behind the trees horrible beasts. Agawe knew they were buso-animals because of their red, flashing eyes and their sickening growls. A dog foaming at the mouth, a deer with branching antlers, a boar with pointed teeth, and a huge cat slowly walked to him.

He pulled his sword and braced himself for the attack but to his surprise, a man in white appeared in front of the buso-animals. Flashes of light shot from his fingers and the buso-animals burst into flames. Their horrid screams filled the air as they burned to ashes.

Agawe watched in shock. The man was unlike anything he had ever seen with his fair skin and honey-colored hair falling past his shoulders. He looked ethereal dressed in a white tunic tied at the waist with a golden sash to match the golden sandals which criss-crossed over the fitted pants and strapped below the knees.

He is not human, Agawe thought.

When the man turned to him, Agawe moved back but the man knelt on one knee and bowed, “I must take you to our king…” he said.

There was something in the man that Agawe trusted. He did not hesitate to follow him through a mountainside which, to Agawe’s amazement, opened to reveal a breath-taking landscape.

Dark green grass blanketed the ground. A golden ray of sunshine shone through the thick canopy of trees standing guard on each side of the stone path which stretched across a beautiful field of sunflowers. It was so serene and peaceful.

Butterflies of different colors and sizes fluttered around, one even landed on his hair. The chirping of the birds and the sound of a waterfall from afar soothed his spirit. At the end of the stone path, a beautiful lady appeared, “Welcome to DiwataLand.”

Agawe was sure he was staring at the lovely face of a goddess. She was clothed in a flowing gown of white and the crown of tiny white flowers on her head kept in place her long cascading black hair. “Who are you?” he asked cautiously.

“I am Sayling. This is the land of the nymphs, the guardian of nature.”

“Why am I here?” Agawe asked.

“I will take you to the king and he will answer your questions. Follow me.”

Agawe walked behind the lady who moved gracefully along the stone path. The tree leaves danced to the gentle breeze she caused as she passed by.

The King of Encantor

He found himself in a white tent in the midst of a wildflower meadow. A man in royal robes of red and gold sat on a thick cushion in the middle of the tent.

“King Daniyan… he is here…” Sayling presented him.

Agawe was asked to sit on one of the cushions that littered the tent.

“King Daniyan… I was told you will answer questions for me,” Agawe said curtly.

The king stared at Agawe and slowly nodded.

“Who are you and why am I here? Agawe asked.

“I am the King of Encantor…” the king paused and took a minute to continue, “you are here because I need your help…”

Agawe realized he was in the presence of the most powerful spirit king in the underground realm. He caught the king’s last word, “Help?”

“As you can see I am taking refuge here in DiwataLand… Encantors live underground…”

“So… this is not the underground realm?”

Sayling spoke up, “The Diwata Land lies between the underground realm and your world. We are in the middleground.”

“You said you are taking refuge here… what happened to your kingdom?” Agawe asked the king.

“The Buso King attacked my kingdom… captured my men and put the whole kingdom under his control. I need your help to take my kingdom and my men back.”

“I don’t mean to disrespect, King Daniyan… but you… the most powerful spirit in the underground realm… you are asking help from me? A human?”

“Agawe…” Sayling started, “You are not just a human, you…”

“Have the purple stone,” the king quickly interrupted Sayling. The look that passed between King Daniyan and Sayling did not escape Agawe.

“I’ll leave you two to talk …” As Agawe watched the diwata leave, he could swear that her feet did not touch the ground.

The king cleared his throat. Agawe turned back to him, “So you think that my purple stone can help save your kingdom?”

“The purple stone in the hands of the right… one!” the king replied.

“King Daniyan, does the attack of the Buso King to your kingdom have anything to do with the disappearance of young girls from our world?”

“Yes… the Buso King’s plan involves the Encantors and the human girls.”

“If he has already your people under his control… why would he take our young girls?” Agawe did not wait for the king’s reply. He asked another question, “Is it true that he wants to sacrifice the girls to the moon?”

“His plan is more than merely sacrifice the girls…” the king let out a big heavy sigh, “the Buso King knows that children born out of the union of Encantors and humans will have tremendous power… and that is his evil plan… to mate the Encantors and the young human girls…”

“Manama!” Agawe exclaimed in disbelief. “He wants the children?”

“Powerful children… all under his control…” the king affirmed.

Agawe looked at the king, “And you think I can stop him?”

The king stared at Agawe, “Yes… you can, Agawe! You can save the kingdom of Encantor.”

“I don’t know how I can save your kingdom, King Daniyan… but I am going to do everything to save the young girls…”

“And save your world…” King Daniyan added. “Agawe… if the Buso King succeeds in his plan, he will use the powerful children to control not only the underground realm but also your world. He has to be stopped!”

“But how? Do you expect me to go and save the whole world? Do you expect me to fight the Buso King … alone? Can a mere human fight the Buso King?”

“Agawe… I know that humans alone cannot fight the Buso King. But you …” he stopped in mid-sentence, “that is why you are here… we need to help each other…” then he hastily added, “if you accept the task.”

“If you think I can do it… I will go to Encantor and save your people, King Daniyan… and I will save the girls to return them to our world…”

“Agawe… your task now is not to go to Encantor but to Gimokodan, the realm of the dead. When the Buso King took over our kingdom, he took all the male Encantor souls and hid them in Gimokodan to be sure that the physical Encantors are powerless.”

“I don’t understand, King Daniyan… why would he want powerless Encantors?

“Encantors will never be under his control… he knows that!” The king clenched his teeth, “The spell unleashed inside our kingdom weakened the Encantor men. He took their souls and trapped them in Gimokodan. Without their souls, Encantors are helpless against the Buso King!”

“And the young girls… they are with the Encantors now?” Agawe asked with dread.

King Daniyan shook his head. “We do not know where the girls are. They are kept away from the Encantors. If they sire children without their souls… the children will be powerless, too. The Buso King is waiting for the lunar eclipse… when the moon turns into the color of blood. When that time comes, he will make the Encantors mate with the young girls and at the right moment return their souls to them so their power can pass on to the children…”

Agawe was horrified. “When does the moon turn red?”

“In a fortnight…”

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© 2015 Virgo908


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