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In The Spirit World - Chapter 4

Updated on September 16, 2015

To The Land of The Dead

Agawe and Sayling walked into a green meadow bordered by cypress pines which touched the dove-white clouds. The scent of pine in the air was soothing and the grass was soft as silk on his bare feet.

In the middle of the green meadow was a round granite table surrounded by six granite stools. The man in white stood up and bowed as Agawe and Sayling approached.

When seated, the man turned to Agawe, “I am Laidan, the leader of the King’s men. I did not have a chance to talk to you alone so I had to bring you to the forest. I did not expect the presence of the buso-animals.”

“I am glad you were there to help…” Agawe replied.

“We were all caught by surprise when we were attacked. The King tried to fight off the spell but it was too evil it weakened him. My men had to stay so I can take King Daniyan to safety.” He heaved a sigh before he continued, “Agawe… the Buso King’s plan will affect all kingdoms in this realm… and even your world… that is why you have to stop him.”

“You will need protection, Agawe…” Sayling added as her eyes fell on his necklace. “I am glad the purple stone came into your possession…”

Agawe’s hand flew to his pendant, “Apo Abet told me the anitos gave this to her mother…”

“The Queen of Diwata has chosen Apo Abet’s mother to be worthy of a gift. And the anitos were tasked to present it to her,” Laidan explained.

Agawe knew the Diwata Queen was the most revered and most powerful spirit in all realms, the underground, the upground and the middleground. In terms of power, the queen would be second only to Manama, the Supreme Being. He turned to Sayling, “Your queen?”

Sayling stole a quick glance at Laidan before she nodded, “By a twist of fate, the purple stone fell into your hands and… the Queen could not be happier because you deserve it. The only thing you ought to know is that the stone has the power to increase what you already have, what is already in you… that is why it is important that it does not fall on evil hands…”

Then she continued, “You are now tasked to enter Gimokodan to release the Encantor souls, and then to find the human girls. The Buso King will kill them when he finds out the souls are released. Do you understand this task that you are about to undertake?”

“I understand, Sayling… and I am willing to risk my life to stop the Buso King’s evil plan… but there’s this other thing… I need to find a friend…”

“Agawe… you have a good heart. I assure you that you will find him as you do this task.” Her gaze was motherly, “You are special… you are different! That is why… the queen found you worthy to have the purple stone. She believes you can save your people.”

“I will not fail her, Sayling…”

The Way to Gimokodan

The next time Agawe saw King Daniyan, he was inside a crystal capsule on top of a huge green leaf floating in a clear pond.

“His power has weakened so much we have to keep him there to preserve whatever is left of his might. If you defeat the Buso King, his power will come back, but if you fail, he will stay in there for eternity and the Encantors will be lost forever,” Sayling explained.

With determination, Agawe vowed, “I will do everything to defeat the Buso King…!”

“Laidan will lead you to the underground realm but,” Sayling sighed, “he is not as powerful as he used to be… there will be moments when you have to be on your own. If Laidan is to survive he has to conserve his power as much as he can…”

Agawe nodded his understanding.

“Agawe… when you reach the underground realm…” she seemed at a loss for words, “for the living to enter Gimokodan, he has to go through the rituals of the dead. Without help, you will not survive this… but Laidan will use whatever power he has left to protect you.”

“Is there another way to Gimokodan without going through this ritual?” Agawe asked hopefully.

Sayling sighed sadly. “Only the dead and the evil can enter Gimokodan with ease…”

“Then I will do whatever it takes to do this task, Sayling…” Agawe declared.

The Journey Begins

Agawe marveled at the two chestnut horses waiting for them. The reddish-brown horses had golden manes and tails.

After a long ride, Laidan stopped in front of a mountainous rocky formation. “This is it…” he said, “we go underground from here… let’s leave the horses.” Laidan produced a torch before they entered the small dark opening in the rock and started their long, treacherous and slippery descent.

At first Agawe heard a slight rumbling, then it became louder and before he realized it, the whole mountain shook and rocks started falling. “It’s a quake!” Agawe shouted, “We have to get out of here!”

“Jump!” Laidan yelled. Agawe hesitated. He was in a narrow space between rocks, and all he could see below were more rocks and a black pit. “Agawe! Jump!” Laidan gave out a roaring command which was hard to ignore.

Agawe jumped and everything around him began to spin. He had to close his eyes to fight off dizziness.

He opened his eyes and squinted as his hand flew to his eyes to shield them from the blazing sun burning down at him. He was lying in the middle of what looked like the remains of a burned down village. He sat up as his nose was assaulted by the smell of burning wood and flesh. Laidan was nowhere.

He was startled when he heard moaning. Listening intently, he followed the moaning which got louder as he came closer. Agawe saw someone under a pile of smoking logs. He ran up and pushed the logs away. He was beside himself with joy when he recognized the man under the pile.

“Agawe..!” Gayon cried, “I know you will find me…”

“Gayon … thank Manama you are alive. What happened to you?”

“Agawe… I am so scared! You have to help me,” Gayon pleaded.

Then Agawe felt the blow on his head and everything went black.

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© 2015 Virgo908


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