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In The Spirit World - Chapter 6

Updated on September 16, 2015

The Spell is Broken

The chains holding Agawe captive fell from his hands and retreated into the floor.

He stood up and turned to see Gayon frozen still holding the whip. The witch grabbed the necklace from Gayon’s neck and dropped it to her bosom.

As Agawe walked to her, she waved her staff and two huge monsters appeared. Then to Agawe’s horror, the witch’s hair came to life and tried to grab him as an octopus’s tentacle would grab its prey.

Agawe sidestepped the thick strand, seized it and used it to slam the witch on the rocky wall. The witch shrieked and her hair retreated to her head as she bounced off the wall. The necklace flew out of her chest and the staff rolled from her hand. Agawe quickly jumped and picked up the necklace.

The dazed witch mumbled, “Kill him, you worthless fiends… kill them both…” she babbled as she tried to reach her staff. Agawe stepped on it before the witch could grab it. He picked it up, “I know you need this to make them obey… now release Gayon from your spell!”

Induwa slowly stood up and threw her head back as she laughed. “I underestimated you, Agawe… you are not human!” she hissed.

“Release Gayon from your spell!” Agawe screamed as he pushed the staff to her chest.

Induwa gasped, “But you are wrong, Agawe… I don’t need the staff to make them obey… all they need is my command!” She turned to Gayon and suddenly screamed, “Kill him now!!”

Agawe was forced to protect Gayon. He turned to the monsters and used the staff as weapon against them. It took him only seconds to defeat them but those seconds were all the witch needed to escape from him. He ran out hoping he could still catch up but as he expected, Induwa was gone.

Then he heard her voice reverberating in the air, “This is not the end, Agawe… we will meet again…!!” and her shrill laughter echoed in the forest.

Still holding the witch’s staff, he ran back to the cave.

He met the dazed Gayon zigzagging out of the cave. “Gayon! Gayon!” he cried out.

Gayon’s eyes were glazed and Agawe’s heart sank when he realized he was still under the spell.

Agawe let out a scream of frustration as he smashed the skull on a rock, again and again!

“Agawe…! Agawe! Thanks Manama…” Gayon fell kneeling on the ground. “I thought I will never see you again…”

Agawe was breathless as he stared at Gayon.

“You are not Agawe…” Gayon sank back in defeat, “you are a siring…” He buried his face on the ground and started to sob, “Manama!”

“Gayon… you’re free from the spell! Hah… it’s the skull! It broke the spell!” Agawe laughed so hard he almost felt like a child again.

Gayon sat up and stared at him, “Agawe… is that… you?”

The Encantor Seal

“I swear I can’t remember any of that, Agawe…” Gayon said as they walked through a dense forest.

“I know… you were under the spell of that witch…”

“Did I really hit you?” Gayon was breathless as they started to ascend a hill covered in thick foliage.

“Many times…” Agawe replied. “I think you broke my rib…”

“Why don’t you take my coat… it’s my fault you lost your shirt,” Gayon offered. Then he exclaimed, “Agawe… your back!”

“If you mean the cuts… that’s your doing…” Agawe continued climbing up.

“No! There are no cuts here,” Gayon checked Agawe’s back. “It’s the mark…”

“I know! I know! The mark of a …” he muttered the last word to himself, “slave…”

“Agawe… it’s an image! There’s an image…!”

“What?” Agawe tried to twist and turn to look at his back.

Gayon stepped back, “It looks like a crown and… what’s this…?” he drew closer, “I can’t figure it out… is it a sword through the crown?” He pushed Agawe’s back toward the sun, “Manama!”

“What is it?” Agawe was perturbed.

“Agawe… a golden crown with a lightning bolt through it. I can’t believe it… the image turns into the color of gold under the sun!”

Agawe creased his brow. “I remember the witch yelling, ‘The Encantor Seal’!”

“Agawe...!” Gayon was so excited. “That seal was placed on your back to show that you are the chosen one to save the Encantors!”

“You think so?”

“What else could it be? In our world, it’s just a black mark but down here… it’s the golden Encantor seal!”

Agawe took a deep breath, “Speaking of the Encantors… I have a task to do and I am off-track now. I lost Laidan and I have to get you home…”

“Oh, no you don’t! If our world is in danger because of the Buso King then I am with you! I want to save Addalin. Now that I know they are alive, I need to be with you to save the girls!”

“No, Gayon… you have to go home.”

“Agawe… don’t send me home like this… I don’t know how I was lured by sirings that night I left home… then one way or another I was put under a spell and almost killed you. Let me redeem my honor! Don’t rob me of my destiny!” Gayon feigned anger but he couldn’t control himself and chuckled.

Agawe joined in the hilarity of the moment, forgetting where they were and what they had to face.

The Running Man

When they reached the top of the hill, Agawe looked down the barren valley below. He squinted, “Gayon, do you see what I see?”

“Dust blowing in the air… Hey, what’s that? Someone’s running!”

Agawe had already ran down the hill as he yelled, “I see monsters chasing him!”

Gayon was behind Agawe in no time. “Is that human?” he had to scream to be heard.

“It looks like a man… there’s something on his back!” Agawe yelled as he half-ran and half-slid down the hill avoiding the trees and the thick bushes. The air was drowning their voices.

They reached the foot of the hill at the same time the running man got to it.

“Manama!” Agawe exclaimed breathless when he recognized the man.

“Ayong!” Gayon cried out as he caught his breath.

“Agawe! Gayon!” Ayong gasped. He obviously did not believe his eyes. He was catching his breath as he backed off, “Get away from me… you siring…!”

Agawe saw that he had a baby clinging to his neck. “Ayong… it’s us! We are not siring! We have to get out of here…”

Ayong swallowed hard. He closed his eyes tightly and quickly opened them. “Manama… help me!”

Agawe grabbed Ayong’s arm and they crouched behind a large tree. “Ayong, listen to me…you are safe now…you are safe… it’s us! Agawe and Gayon!”

“Agawe? Is that really you?” he cried. “Gayon! I am so glad to see you two! I thought… I thought…” He lost control and sobbed.

Agawe gripped Ayong’s arm tightly and the young man calmed down. “Who is that?”

Ayong slowly disentangled the hands around his neck and the little one on his back opened its eyes and jumped down. “Her name’s Encanta.”

Agawe and Gayon looked at each other. It’s a girl and she’s not a baby, Agawe thought.

The girl was unlike any other girl Agawe had seen, both from their world and the spirit world. Her skin was as white as clouds on a sunny day and she had corn hair, only thicker and brighter.

“The monsters are coming. We have to go!” Agawe could see the beasts eyeing the hill.

“I can make them go away…” the little one spoke up.

“You can?” Gayon asked.

“Yes, I can,” she said softly. She stepped from behind the tree and stood looking at the approaching monsters. She raised her hand and a deafening thunder roared as the sky turned black. To Agawe’s shock, lightning struck the monsters. Two of them fell burning and the third one scampered away.

“Who is this girl?” Agawe muttered to himself when the sky cleared as she dropped her hands and promptly returned to them.

“They’re gone…” she reported to Ayong.

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© 2015 Virgo908


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