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In The Tall Dark Trees

Updated on May 5, 2016

Dark Roots

Within the dark trees there was a girl. A girl that wore a dress as red as blood. A girl that smiled as wide as the devil's smile. A girl's skin that was white as the moon. If you see this girl pray. Don't run, don't hide. Because she will find you. And she is waiting.

She waits for someone to enter the tall dark trees.

The tall dark trees in which she took her final rest.

She waits for anybody and someone at the same time. You see she is always trying to abstract her revenge on him. He survived. She did not.

Her eyes stared into the night, never leaving the stars. She would never look at you but she would find you.

Because she simply couldn't see.

So everyone that stepped into her woods must be him. Because he would come back. She heard they came back. Before she was put to rest she heard that's what criminal's did.

They came back to the scene of the crime.

So she would wait and wait. He would come. The girl knew she would know when his heart no longer beat.

The problem was the forest was no stranger to deaths now. And she was right. The guilty ones always came back to the scene of the crime.

So really the girl in the blood red dress and pale as the moon skin and the always staring at the sky eyes, shouldn't have been surprised when judgement came down upon her.

And two villagers were hailed heroes at getting rid of the evil cruel ghost that haunted their woods.

So she shouldn't have been surprised.

Not really.

Even though she did not understand why their presence seemed familiar and why she had let them so close.

One of the men stopped, looking back at the now alone woods but it still looked dark. But he couldn't get that ghost out of his head.

It was strange really.

At how much she had reminded him of his little lost sister.


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