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In This Place

Updated on March 25, 2011

 There is water in this place. I don't remember there being water here before...but a little water never hurt the company is nice. This tiny place would be crowded with two even if I wanted the extra someone. I sometimes look around this place wondering how I could have ever gotten here but most of the time I just don't care. I like being here however the reality is that I am here because I liked nothing and nowhere else. It's safe here and I know eventually this place won't be here. The water seems to be getting higher...and I try to wonder where it seems to come from, but I get distracted thinking about things that should be getting done but can't get done. The air here is so thin from the saddness it holds but in a way its comforting because its constant, and besides the saddness is my own so why not welcome such a familiar friend. Everyone else sounds like they are living in some sort of fog. Be it the intense need for sleep or the fact that I dont care,  I know they are talking but I can't hear a single thing said. I like that because most things said aren't worth hearing anyway and most of it isn't the truth so why bother. The water seems to be filling what little space is left here...though I dont care how it came to be. It's so hard to leave this place now that I have been here so long but I don't want to anyway so I welcome this new struggle with open arms. Let the water fill the space that's left...nothing else seems to help so maybe this fight may be worth trying to win. If only that were the case my friend, it's not. Flood this place and leave me be so I can get back to the emptyness that once was..............


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