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In Too Deep-BlueToothPoems

Updated on September 16, 2016

In Too Deep

Never done a drug before, I was always too scared to try

But this one drug caught the corner in my eye

Something came over me, my body had an urge that I have never ever could understand why

What was this drug? And why can’t I get my eyes off it?

Why can’t I shake this craving, it’s got me hooked even without a taste

I’m up at night dreaming of the feeling I can attain from just one sole hit

Man I need this drug quick before I go insane and get sick

I know if I have it everything will be great; no problem, I would be fixed

I’ve had enough, tomorrow will be the day that I intake

Thinking back on it...I think November 10 was the date

Its in me, and damn this feels better than great

I can feel it heavy in my lungs and veins

A heavy rain of happiness that I would gain

Ohhh this high is too good, mad at myself for even taking this long, but why complain

Months later, I love this drug, and this drug is the 1st feeling of love I known

Nothing else is what I want to do, except find a quiet spot and spend time with

People around me noticed a difference, I can admit that I was addicted

Overheard jokes towards me, but I don’t care, I have my drug, and this drug has me

Go to sleep thinking about it and 1st thinking about when I wake

The 1st thing I would do in the morn is take a hit and float to outer space

I was in love with this drug, First time too, Please don’t let this end god!

Year passed, and I think the side effect has set in

There’s plenty of great days me and this drug, but some days the drug doesn’t feel the same

The drug leaves me with headaches and bad stomach pains

But I’m so sorry, I just can’t leave

Every day I try for us to have that connection like back then

The harder I try, the more I feel trapped in a den

Even if I try using my head to turn my back to it, my heart will turn me around to it

And sad part bleeding beat plays to the drugs rhythm every time

I’m supposed to be the user and somehow I became the used

Is it better if I stop using? Am I even strong enough to even truly try

Yes...maybe no, I don’t know honestly. Well I’m 4 days sober

And all I want is this drug back in my body no matter the pain it brings

Because I know this drug can make me feel, how I want to feel...FREE

Damn, reading this just made me realize that I’m just Too In Deep

A girl realizing she's in too deep


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