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In Your thoughts-Exhaustion

Updated on July 4, 2017
Sweet sleep
Sweet sleep

I can't go on any longer,the day seems like an agonizing torture and I long for sweet freedom.No responsibilities to drown me in its stressful flow.My mind no longer alert,its clouded by worry mixed with the burdens of yesterday,today and tomorrow .Even a teasful jokes feels like a slap on the face.Trying to stay awake through the day feels like an exhausting chore.Am I awake?Am I asleep?please tell me.

Bed?I need you gentle embrace.Your sheets caressing every inch of my flesh as I melt into your loving arms.No distractions or people calling for my attention and aid.I pray that i'll lay and sway into a sweet dream with nothing in my way.

Dear sleep?won't you whisk me away and take me anywhere but here...why do you tease me every time your within my grasp?Thoughts won't you find someone else to nag with your persistent cry's for attention.Incomplete tasks,planned meetings and upcoming deadlines,leave me be in peace come back when I'm wide awake rejuvenated.

I'm now blank and relaxed in your loving arms.Deep slow breaths.curled up into a ball and now I'm gone,sleeping all I can while I can. .


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