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In a Ruined Stead

Updated on June 12, 2013

From the sky the rain falls,

As against my skin it dribbles,

And in silence, through the street I walk,

I cry seemingly without tears that roll.

The cold air against my skin brushes,

I chill as your name in my ears it whispers.

Looking around in place only to find your absence,

Oh, I am dying, wishing for this to end!

In my head a question lingers,

How do I move on from this wrecked place?

For everywhere is rain in my eyes that blurs,

And a way out seems like an impossible maze.

Running away seems like a hopeless feat,

A thunder storm's brewing loud and clear.

I wipe my face to rid of rain or tears,

I call, please someone come and rescue me.

An end is yet to be found in my head,

Uncertainty pushes me back to this ruined stead.

And as I rid my face of rain or tears,

I call again, please someone come and rescue me.


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