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In a big forest

Updated on August 14, 2016

in a big forest I was in small cage .I turn left like who get up from sleep . I thout that I am in real I get out from the I cage I saw tall and huge trees . while I was walking . I heard a sound that say ( little girl - Hey my young girl ) I turn but did't saw anyone . the sound say ( hey I am here the tree behind you ) I feel scared I saw it and felt nothing to scared . It was a big mango tree with a big whole in it . Hey came here look at me , I thought that it told me , my birds my leaves It told me I look at her I thought that , the mango on her is delicious . I asked her to eat some . she said ( yeah,yeah , you can , you can clamb and eat some .

she was very kind tree . I climb to near to mango and near an near and near unile I reach the top highest of her at look to the forest

from high place when I looked , the from branch had broken . I fell dwon and close my eyes I hurt my self and I felt that I can't move . don't worry you can move just open your eyes )

tree was saying that .

I open my eyes ..... oh yeah yeah

It was a dream


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